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Coach Development Clinics

In-person instructional clinics are not currently offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We anticipate bringing back in-person training in Fall 2021.

Virtual Coaching Workshops

USA Lacrosse Virtual Coaching Workshops provide coaches with tools useful in planning for their season. Virtual workshops focus on the theory behind optimal coach development. Content is taught through a series of short lectures, discussion questions, and time for reflection.

The following virtual workshops are now available:

Level 1: “Athlete Centered Coaching” – 2 hours
  • This workshop focuses on building and implementing and athlete-centered coaching philosophy. We also cover best practices for teaching lacrosse skills in a manner that optimizes athlete development. This course is theory-based.  
  • Per Coach Registration Fee is $35.
  • There are no prerequisites.
  • This workshop is open to coaches of all genders, all player levels.
Level 2: “Team Centered Coaching” – 2 hours
  • This workshop focuses on creating a positive team culture by using an athlete-centered approach. Coaches will discover best practices for structuring a team that optimizes both player and team development. 
  • Per Coach Registration Fee is $50.
  • Prerequisite for this workshop is a current Level 1 certification or prior completion of the athlete centered coaching workshop.
  • This workshop is not game specific. Coaches will be encouraged to sign up for the session based on the level of the players they coach (either youth or high school). 
Level 3: “Team Performance” – 4 hours across 2 sessions 
  • This workshop focuses on enhancing team performance through implementation of advanced tactics and strategies.
  • Per Coach Registration Fee is $75.
  • Prerequisite for this workshop is a current Level 2 certification or prior completion of the team centered coaching workshop. 
  • Team Development Workshops are Level and Game-Specific. Please enroll in the session for both the game and level you currently coach.
Helpful information:
  • Completion of each virtual workshop satisfies the instructional clinic requirement for coach certification at these levels:  
    • Athlete Centered Coaching – Level 1
    • Team Centered Coaching – Level 2
    • Team Development – Level 3
  • When registering for a Level 2 or 3 workshop, please ensure you enroll in a session specific to the team you coach (game and level). These sessions are more specific to allow for in-depth instruction and reflection. Level 1 is not game or level-specific at this time. 
  • Workshops will be held on zoom. Registered participants will receive a zoom link via email approximately 48 hours prior to the session. 
  • We recommend ensuring your device meets the system requirements for Zoom meetings prior to the start of the session. 
  • Please plan to take the clinic on a device with a working camera. 
  • Virtual workshops are interactive and theory-based. Participants do not need a stick to participate.