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Cal Poly WCLA.

History-Rich Cal Poly is New No. 1 in WCLA Division II

April 3, 2024
Paul Ohanian
Cal Poly Athletics

Last year, the WCLA amended its rules to allow schools that sponsor a team in both Division I and Division II to have both teams eligible for its respective national championship tournament. The intent of the rule change was to encourage more participation opportunities on each campus and to provide championship eligibility for all the deserving teams that qualified.

This year, UCLA has consistently had two teams, dubbed ‘A’ and ‘B’, ranked in the respective Top 20 polls, and could potentially send both teams to Wichita in May for the WCLA championships.

Cal Poly, one of the most successful programs in WCLA history, has also fielded two teams in 2024, and while its ‘A’ team has not been in the Division I Top 20, the ‘B’ team reached new heights this week, ascending to No. 1 in Division II.

It’s the first time that Cal Poly has had the top ranked team in Division II.

With a 9-0 record, the Mustangs bumped Boise State out of the top spot that it had occupied all season. Cal State San Marcos also moved up one spot to second, with Boise falling to third despite winning three games via lopsided scores. All three remain undefeated this season.

WCLA success is nothing new for Cal Poly, which captured the first seven national championships, from 2001-07. The Mustangs have also been the national runner-up on two other occasions. The program has appeared in 17 of the 21 championship tournaments, all in Division I.

No. 9 SMU was the biggest mover this week, jumping six spots and joining the top 10 for the first time this season. No. 13 UC Santa Cruz also made a significant jump, climbing five spots.

Newcomers in this week’s ranking are No. 18 Drury and No. 20 Florida Gulf Coast, while Arkansas and Portland dropped out.






1Cal Poly "B"9-02
2Cal State San Marcos9-03
3Boise State8-01
4Vermont Club5-15
5UCLA "B"5-34
6Florida Atlantic6-28
7Stanford Club3-27
8College of Charleston7-16
9 SMU5-215
10Montana State3-210
12Providence College3-312
13UC Santa Cruz5-118
14New Hampshire Club3-311
15UC San Diego4-213
16Portland State4-314
19Denver Club3-220
20Florida Gulf Coast3-2NR