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Cassidy Spilis

USA Lacrosse Magazine's 2023 Division I Women's Preseason All-Americans

January 10, 2023
Beth Ann Mayer and Kenny DeJohn
John Strohsacker

USA Lacrosse Magazine announced its 2023 Division I Women’s Preseason All-Americans on Tuesday, part of the magazine’s immersive coverage leading into the upcoming spring season.

The following All-Americans were determined through USA Lacrosse Magazine staff consideration with input from NCAA coaches.

Stay tuned to USA Lacrosse Magazine throughout the remainder of January for more 2023 season previews.



A — Jenn Medjid, Boston College
A — Izzy Scane, Northwestern
A — Meaghan Tyrrell, Syracuse
A — Caitlyn Wurzburger, North Carolina
M — Kasey Choma, Notre Dame
M — Ellie Masera, Stony Brook
M — Belle Smith, Boston College
M — Cassidy Spilis, Rutgers
M — Jillian Wilson, Loyola
D — Abby Bosco, Maryland
D — Katie Detwiler, Loyola
D — Emily Nalls, North Carolina
D — Sam Thacker, Denver
G — Emily Sterling, Maryland


A — Ashley Humphrey, Stanford
A — Maddie Jenner, Duke
A — Emma LoPinto, Florida
A — Danielle Pavinelli, Florida
M — Shaylan Ahearn, Maryland
M — Olivia Carner, Duke
M — Olivia Dirks, North Carolina
M — Katelyn Mashewske, Syracuse
D — Meghan Ball, Rutgers
D — Marge Donovan, Maryland
D — Clare Levy, Stony Brook
D — Sydney Scales, Boston College
​G — Sarah Reznick, Florida


A — Kailyn Hart, Stony Brook
A — Hannah Leubecker, Maryland
A — Libby May, Maryland
A — Isabella Peterson, James Madison
M — Jaden Hample, Stony Brook
M — Brooklyn Neumen, North Carolina
M — Cassidy Weeks, Boston College
M — Aubrey Williams, Virginia
D — Mairead Durkin, James Madison
D — Hunter Roman, Boston College
D — Hollie Schleicher, Boston College
D — Brooklyn Walker-Welch, North Carolina
​G — Emilia Bohi, Denver


A — Madison Ahern, Notre Dame
A — Lauren Black, Denver
A — Sydni Black, Loyola
A — Megan Carney, Syracuse
A — Katie DeSimone, Duke
A — Lauren Figura, North Carolina
A — Julia Gilbert, Denver
A — Grace Hobson, Jacksonville
A — Georgia Latch, Loyola
A — Ashlyn McGovern, Virginia
A — Arden Tierney, Richmond
A — Emma Ward, Syracuse
M — Ashley Campo, Rutgers
M — Annabel Frist, Stanford
M — Emma Tyrrell, Syracuse
M — Abigail Zeigenfuse, Mount St. Mary’s
D — Hailey Blachly, Jacksonville
D — Cubby Biscardi, Duke
D — Morgan Whitaker, Michigan
D — Emma Wightman, USC
​G — Madison Bardley, Mount St. Mary’s
G — Rachel Hall, Boston College
G — Hayley Hunt, Lehigh
G — Amanda Monahan, Davidson