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Boston Cannons goalie Connor Kirst saves a low shot in a Premier Lacrosse League game.

Colin Kirst: Bring Everything to the Party

May 15, 2024
Matt DaSilva
Kait Devir/PLL

Good shooters go low, aiming for the farthest point from a goalie’s stick. High-to-low bouncers or low-to-low worm-burners are some of the hardest shots to save.

Boston Cannons and U.S. Men’s Box Training Team goalie Colin Kirst provided one-on-one instruction at the inaugural PLL Junior Championships last summer in Baltimore and suggested that young goalies practice low save mechanics.

  • Toss your stick aside and get in your ready position. Feet offset heel-to-toe, shoulder-width apart, knees bent in an athletic stance.
  • Put your bottom hand behind your back and hold your top hand at eye level where it would normally grip the stick.
  • Have a partner toss a ball low toward your off-stick side.
  • Step wide and track the ball into your top hand, catching the ball and taking a hop step to reset your feet.

The key to all of this? “I’m bringing everything to the party” Kirst said.

That means he does not bend at the back or relying solely on his top glove to make the save in a game situation.

Drive your hands down, bring your butt low and your chest toward the ground to get as much body in front of the ball as possible.