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Taylor Moreno

Seizing the Opportunity: Women’s Lacrosse at LA28

November 8, 2023
Taylor Moreno
Ryan McCullough

U.S. training team goalie Taylor Moreno writes about the Olympic opportunities ahead.

The year was 1904, and the world gathered for the Olympic Games in St. Louis. It was the last time lacrosse graced the Olympic stage; a distant memory buried in the annals of history. Over the years, lacrosse made sporadic appearances, relegated to demonstration status, featuring only men’s college teams. Women’s lacrosse, a thriving and dynamic sport, watched from the sidelines.

Now, over a century later, the Olympic flame returns to Los Angeles in 2028. But this time, it brings with it a new and groundbreaking chapter in the history of sports — the inclusion of women’s lacrosse in the Olympic program. It is a moment that echoes the spirit of the 99ers, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, which fought tirelessly to be recognized and celebrated on a global stage. USA Women’s Lacrosse stands on the precipice of achieving what they have strived for — to be taken seriously and to make history.

The LA28 Olympics represent a pivotal opportunity for women’s lacrosse to shine on a global stage. It is a platform for people to witness the legitimacy of our sport and the exceptional athleticism of its players. As athletes, we understand that we are not just competing for medals, but also inspiring others to join our ranks and invest in the growth of our sport. We aim to demonstrate and advocate for equality in women’s sports, emphasizing that we deserve every bit of recognition, support and respect as our male counterparts.

As we prepare for LA28, we are fortunate to have Athletes Unlimited, the world’s only professional women’s lacrosse league. This league provides us with the opportunity to compete at the highest level, honing our skills and showcasing our talent. Many of the athletes in this league will inevitably represent our nation in the 2028 Olympics. Following their journeys is as easy as tuning in to ESPN and following the action in Athletes Unlimited.

However, our journey to LA28 and beyond is not without its challenges. We remain professional athletes, yet we balance our athletic careers with full-time jobs and other commitments. Preparing for an Olympic dream demands unwavering dedication, and sacrifices in our personal lives are inevitable. Creating an environment that supports us as full-time professional athletes will be pivotal in our pursuit of success and gold medals for the USA.

For those who want to learn more about our sport and get involved, we encourage you to visit There, you can discover the beauty of women’s lacrosse, and even find your own path to joining the exciting journey toward LA28 and the promising future beyond.

The inclusion of women’s lacrosse in the LA28 Olympics is not just about medals and competition; it is a testament to the dedication, talent and spirit of the athletes who have fought tirelessly to be recognized. It is an opportunity to inspire the next generation, advocate for equality and showcase the incredible athleticism of women in sports.

As we move forward, let us rally behind our athletes and the dream of bringing home another gold medal for the USA in 2028. It is not just a sport; it is a movement.