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NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championships Video Review Rules

May 27, 2023
USA Lacrosse Magazine Staff
Rich Barnes

To review or not to review? That’s actually not a question, at least under the current construction of men’s lacrosse rules in the NCAA Championship.

The NCAA sent an email to media members Saturday after video replays showed that Duke’s Garrett Leadmon had his right foot on the crease in what was ruled a good goal in overtime to down Penn State in the NCAA semifinals at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

The current video review rules, via the NCAA:


SECTION 33. Video replay at NCAA Championships is permitted in the following cases:

  1. To correct the game clock and/or shot clock when there is a malfunction or timing error;

  2. To review the release of a shot at the end of a period in relation to the expiration of time for the game clock or the shot clock;

  3. To review if a shot at the end of a period is deflected off a defensive or offensive player before it enters the goal; and

  4. To review if a shot hits the camera mounted inside the goal cage.

The NCAA ended its email to media members by stating: “The play at the end of the Duke Penn State game was not reviewable under the current rules.”

ESPN analysts were in disbelief that the shot by Leadmon was called a goal, although they understood that the play could not be reviewed. They also pointed out the shadows from the players and the traffic near the crease that shrouded the view of both officials near the play.

“Our game has got to catch up,” said recently retired Denver coach Bill Tierney in the ESPN studio after the game.

Fellow analyst Matt Ward added: “It’s time. It takes away from an amazing game.”

Penn State head coach Jeff Tambroni said in the postgame press conference that “there should definitely be review.”