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Kylie Ohlmiller scored six goals Thursday to tie an Athletes Unlimited single-game record. Joe Beninati wore Ohlmiller's signature eye black the following game.

A Deal's a Deal: Beninati Sticks to His Word, Sport's Ohlmiller's Eye Black

August 13, 2023
Kenny DeJohn
Kait Devir/Athletes Unlimited

A deal’s a deal.

Perhaps Joe Beninati had it coming. Kylie Ohlmiller’s never needed extra motivation. Ever since her days at Stony Brook, Ohlmiller liked to play with a chip on her shoulder. As an Athletes Unlimited veteran back for Season 3 after missing Season 2 with an ACL injury, Ohlmiller still has that chip.

When Ohlmiller was mic’d up during Thursday night’s Week 4 game, Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse broadcaster Joe Beninati lit a fire under the U.S. national team gold medalist.

Beninati, an Emmy-winning broadcaster and play-by-play voice of the Washington Capitals, referenced Nicole Levy’s record-tying six-goal performance from earlier this summer. Beninati bet Ohlmiller that if she hit that mark Thursday night, he’d wear her signature eye black during the second game of Saturday’s doubleheader.

And of course Ohlmiller delivered. She scored six goals, the last of which came with 2:34 left in the fourth quarter.

A man of his word, Beninati was all smiles prior to the second game Saturday as Ohlmiller went to work recreating her eye black masterpiece. He wore it as he broadcasted Game 2.

Shoutout to Beninati for sticking to his word. And shoutout to Ohlmiller for tying Athletes Unlimited’s single-game record. Not like she needed more motivation.