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Mira Shana aka The Miracle

Hero Ball: Mira Shane aka The Miracle

December 6, 2023
Kenny DeJohn and Alyssa March
Alyssa March

This article appears in the November/December edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine. Join our momentum.

In Hero Ball, illustrator Alyssa March and writer Kenny DeJohn reimagine your favorite lacrosse stars as superheroes. Have a star player you'd like to see turned into a hero (or maybe a villain?), email us at

It was a dark and stormy night — that’s how so many superhero origin stories start, right? Not Mira Shane’s. She prefers positivity. Her mere existence has been a source of pure energy and electricity.

Born to a white mother and Black father, Shane’s superpowers were evident at birth. She simply brought people together. Her powers only grew as she embraced music as a form of self-expression.

The vibes are immaculate around Shane, whether she’s playing the saxophone or piano or mixing beats on her turntables. A lacrosse player by day and DJ by night, she can bring light to any darkness.

And so, it was only a natural response for Shane to step up when The Silencer emerged as a threat to those speaking up for the voiceless. She knew just what to do — becoming “The Miracle.” Clad in bright colors and teeming with electricity, she rushed to the aid of those being silenced.

The Silencer ran rampant through the community, magically sealing shut the mouths of anyone with a voice. The Miracle saved the day with her vibrant beats, undoing The Silencer’s spells and quelling his attempts at oppression.

He was then the one without a voice.

To celebrate, the community had an impromptu dance party. “Let’s get this!” The Miracle exclaimed as she spread the love and forged bonds between people as they dance in the streets.

These days, The Miracle takes on a Rogues’ gallery of foes — like Energy Siphon, The Dimmer and The Fun Police — whenever called.

She was brought into this world for a reason, to unite two loving people and spread happiness to those around her. Little did she know she’d be called upon to provide that for the entire community.

Her music gives people positive energy so they can then spread that positivity to others. It helps you do your best when you’re feeling down. It gives you confidence. It brings you peace.

So now, whenever Shane hears a plea for help, she suits up and races to the rescue. You can know you’re in good hands when you hear “Let’s goooooooooo!” from miles away. With The Miracle around, all who need positive vibes are safe.