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Taylor Moreno (left) and Sam Apuzzo (right) are in first and second place, respectively.

It All Comes Down to This (Again) for the Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Crown

August 7, 2023
Kenny DeJohn
Kait Devir/Athletes Unlimited

Taylor Moreno has gotten very comfortable on top of the Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse leaderboard after finishing last season No. 1.

Moreno has yet to vacate that top spot, and a familiar challenger lurks closely at No. 2. With just one weekend left in Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse season three, it all comes down to this (again).

Here’s what happened in Week 3.

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As Yankees Hall of Famer Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

Sunday marks nearly one year to the day that Taylor Moreno was crowned the 2022 Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse champion as a rookie. The pageantry of the closing ceremony went on as scheduled, even though the 17-point gap between Moreno and second-place Sam Apuzzo was officially too close to call. Athletes Unlimited went back to the tape, counted the points again the following day and confirmed that the North Carolina product was in fact the champion.

Are we in for another photo finish? Through three weeks of the 2023 season, Moreno and Apuzzo are still first and second, respectively. Moreno has yet to yield that top spot since last summer, and Apuzzo has done just about everything to knock Moreno from her perch. Entering Week 4, they are separated by 60 points — just close enough for some more Week 4 nailbiting.

Team Apuzzo left some points on the table in Week 3. It went 2-1, earning wins over Team Glynn and Team Bosco, but an all-important opportunity to beat Team Moreno was squandered in a 9-6 loss to close Week 3 action.

Win points can be the differentiating factor and why just about anyone in the top four has a legitimate shot to win in Week 4. Players get 20 points for every period their team wins and 45 points for every game they win. An Apuzzo win over Moreno over the weekend could have vaulted Apuzzo into first. Thankfully for the Boston College legend and U.S. national team gold medalist, she gets another shot at Moreno this weekend.

The constant jockeying for position between Moreno and Apuzzo dating back to last summer has created one of the most interesting rivalries in lacrosse — and not just because of the on-field aspect. So many off-field motivations come into play within the confines of Athletes Unlimited and its league structure. Drafting is just as important as going out and being one of the best players on the field.

These two athletes have seemingly mastered both of those crucial pieces. We will see who ultimately mastered them best this weekend.


1. Taylor Moreno, 1,301
2. Sam Apuzzo, 1,241
3. Kady Glynn, 1,045
4. Abby Bosco, 1,031
5. Britt Read, 908
6. Marie McCool, 900
7. Dempsey Arsenault, 895
8. Caylee Waters, 889
9. Courtney Taylor, 886
10. Kenzie Kent, 877


The Week 4 draft for Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse is Monday. Check back to USA Lacrosse Magazine for updates rosters after the draft concludes.

Taylor Moreno: Just 60 points separate Moreno from Apuzzo. The draft on Monday is her first step in holding on to that slim margin.

Sam Apuzzo: Team Apuzzo went 2-1 in Week 3, with the lone loss coming to Team Moreno — a loss that could prove pivotal in the final points count.

Kady Glynn: Glynn went 1-2 last week as a captain but took home a big win over Team Moreno. It is certainly possible a huge week sees Glynn take the crown.

Abby Bosco: A huge week could also push Bosco to the top of the leaderboard. Her team went 2-1 last week.