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Gait Lacrosse's new men's defense head.

Gait D2 Series a Total Game Changer

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Gait Lacrosse
February 14, 2024
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Gait Lacrosse

In 2019, Gait Lacrosse took a decisive step toward becoming an aspirational brand dedicated to producing performance-driven products that elevate players' skills.

The plan began by focusing on high-end women’s lacrosse sticks and establishing a flagship product that would be a game changer. After the launch of the revolutionary Gait Draw stick, a complete line of women’s sticks was developed that embodied performance features geared toward a player’s specific style and position.

Following the successful launch of the women's brand, Gait Lacrosse embarked on creating a flagship product for the men's brand.

The result? The groundbreaking Gait D2 Series, a line of heads meticulously designed to enhance all aspects of defensive play within the game.

Paul Gait, the owner of Gait Lacrosse, shed light on the journey of crafting this revolutionary series.

“We decided that we were going to be an aspirational brand that produced performance-driven products that make players better,” Gait said.

Gait Lacrosse aimed to create products that not only met the highest standards but also set new benchmarks within the lacrosse community, much as Gait and his twin brother, Gary, did during their Hall of Fame careers.

Developing the D2 Series required meticulous testing and innovation.

“Gary began cutting sticks apart and testing them on the field,” Gait said.

Gait Lacrosse developed the Can Opener, a ball dislodgement technology featuring hooks on the sidewalls of the Gait D to enhance performance on the defensive end. When the NCAA rules committee added language outlawing “sticks with protrusions or sharp edges,” Gait Lacrosse persisted, refining the design to meet the new regulations.

While navigating the NCAA approval process, Gait Lacrosse conceptualized the idea of creating three defensive heads, each serving a distinct purpose. The series includes a wide head for close defenders, a narrower head for transition players and an additional head optimized for ground ball play. These heads feature Gait Lacrosse's patent-pending raised angles, designed to increase the leverage on opponents' sticks during checks. Additionally, a new patent-pending feature introduces raised ribs on the top rail, inducing a vibrating motion to assist in dislodging the ball from the sweet spot during checks.

Gait Lacrosse invites players to explore their latest line of defensive heads, which promise to make players better and provide the competitive edge needed to dominate on the field. With the Gait D2 Series, Gait Lacrosse continues its commitment to delivering top-notch, performance-driven products that redefine standards in the lacrosse community.

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