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April 13, 2023
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With lacrosse sticks, there’s what you see and what you get. The sleekest-looking products don’t always deliver on performance.

That’s why we’ve tapped our friends at for this third-annual edition of Pro Picks — a guide for players at all levels to the best-selling and highest-rated sticks on the market. It’s where players get their gear.



Price: $99.99 on

The most popular head in the game, the Tactik’s third iteration is Maverik’s best yet. Intended for the two-way midfielder, this head is lethal in the hands of a step-down shooter but also suitable for use on defense.

Specs: 5.1oz

What You Get:

  • Versatility
  • Ground ball machine
  • Stringing options
  • Durability

Best Paired With: Maverik Mission Blank ($114.99/$159.99)


Price: $129.99 on

After a solid debut for the Evo QX1, Warrior introduced the second version of its elite attackman head last fall. Featuring a higher pinch for more hold and a new plastic that will improve performance in extreme temperatures, this head is worth the price jump for the peace of mind it brings no matter the conditions.

Specs: 4.9oz

What You Get:

  • Quick release and superior ball control
  • Multiple stringing options
  • Perfect for the inside finisher or X attackman
  • Optional LOC-Throat feature

Best Paired With: Warrior Evo Krypto Pro ($109.99)


Price: $99.99 on

The third generation of Nike’s best lacrosse head, the L3 has become a favorite of such players as Ryder Garnsey and Lyle Thompson of the PLL.  Versatility is the key, as this head is suitable for both attack and midfield — a fine choice for feeders and finishers alike.

Specs: 4.63oz

What You Get:

  • Tight face shape for control and accuracy
  • One of the most versatile heads in the sport
  • Optimal scoop for better ground balls
  • Optimal stringabilty for a mid-pocket

Best Paired With: Nike Vapor Elite SC-TI ($119.99)


Price: $99.99 on

As the first true LSM head ever produced by Maverik, the Havok immediately found a home with long poles who love to push transition and be a part of the offense. Last fall, the Havok 2 improved on the original design even more with lighter weight and a tighter face shape.

Specs: 5.2oz

What You Get:

  • Best strength-to-weight ratio
  • Tight face shape for more offensive prowess
  • Ideal scoop for ground balls

Best Paired With: Maverik Caliber Defense 2024 ($199.99)


Price: $129.99 on

Much like the QX2-O, the QX2-D was introduced last fall and became a favorite of close defensemen everywhere looking for arguably the game’s strongest and most durable head.

Specs: 5.6oz

What You Get:

  • Strongest Warrior close defense head
  • QX2-D Max Design for increased durability
  • Optional LOC-Throat feature

Best Paired With: Warrior Evo QX2 Defense Carbon ($209.99)


Price: $99.99 on

Released in February, the final edition of the most iconic midfield head of the last 10 years is already drawing rave reviews. This head is ideal for the elite two-way midfielder but also has a home with offensive-minded LSMs.

Specs: 4.8oz

What You Get:

  • Deepest legal offset
  • Incredible ball retention
  • Speed Scoop for easier ground balls
  • Enduraform to increase head life

Best Paired With: STX SC-TI X + ($109.99)


Price: $119.99 on

The newest head from ECD Lacrosse, the Ion features a revolutionary new plastic that cuts down on weight and improves aerodynamics. Perfect for the shifty attackman who dazzles with control and speed, the Ion is perfect for elite offensive threats.

Specs: 4.75oz

What You Get:

  • Lightest head in ECD lineup
  • Made in the USA
  • Revolutionary new plastic
  • Three unique color options

Best Paired With: ECD Carbon 3.0 ($99.99)


Price: $99.99 on

The premier head for the outside shooter, the Kinetik 2 is not just limited to those dropping bombs from beyond the 2-point arc. With its tight face shape and quick release, it’s also deadly in the hands of a crease attackman.

Specs: 4.7oz

What You Get:

  • Unmatched control and accuracy
  • Tightest face shape in the Maverik lineup
  • Evolved scoop for better ground balls
  • Superior stringabilty for a mid-high pocket

Best Paired With: Maverik Hyperlite 2024 ($149.99)


Price: $99.99 on

Much like the Stallion, the STX Hammer head line will come to its end with the latest iteration, the Hammer 1K.  Just like the name suggests, the Hammer is for the close defender looking to punish their opponents. Fans of the Hammer line will notice the 1K’s improved stiffness and shape retention over the extremely popular 900.

Specs: 5.6oz

What You Get:

  • Triple-strut design
  • Perfect mid-high pocket placement
  • Speed Scoop for easier ground balls

Best Paired With : STX SC-TI X Defense ($169.99)


Maverik Kinetik Carbon (Complete): $149.99 on


STX Stallion 300 (Complete): $69.99 on

Maverik Charger (Complete): $49.99 on



Price: $274.99 on

Our best-selling women’s complete stick, the Apex has dominated since its reintroduction a few years back. Combining some of the best qualities from the Gait Whip and Air, the Apex is the perfect midfield stick for those looking for control and balance in their game.

What You Get:

  • Curved offset
  • Front pocket placement for peak performance
  • Double sidewall technology
  • Available in Flex Mesh and Rail Elite Pocket


Price: $274.99 on

Much like the Crux is synonymous with the attack position, the same is true for the Exult and midfielders. This head is ideal for any player who takes the draw, drops back on defense and also presents a threat to score from anywhere on the field.

What You Get:

  • Perfected for the all-around midfielder
  • Extra leverage for the draw
  • Lightest Exult ever
  • Available in Lock Pocket, Crux Mesh 2.0 and Pro Form Pocket


Price: $274.99 on

Lethal in the hands of any finisher, the Air 2 improves on the widely successful and popular Gait Air complete stick. Combined with Gaits revolutionary Flex Mesh, the Air 2 will help any player fill up the stat sheet from anywhere on the offensive side of the field.

What You Get:

  • Quick release
  • Narrowed silhouette for improved control
  • Angled scoop
  • Also available with Rail Elite pocket


Price: $249.99 on

The sequel to one of the best selling women’s sticks of all time, the Ascent + is the most elite offering from Maverik. Available in full mesh or just a mesh runner, this stick is perfect for the midfielder for one reason above all else: versatility.

What You Get:

  • Raised leather holes for a more consistent cradle
  • Reduced weight
  • 22-degree offset
  • Four-point sweet spot


Price: $269.99 on

Made for the elite playmaker, the Edge Pro Plus features Warp technology. The new ISO Warp Mesh runner is weather resistant, ensuring your pocket stays consistent no matter the conditions. The true offset delivers the ball to the sweet spot for every shot or pass.

What You Get:

  • Therma-Loc tech for shape retention
  • New Flex profile for tighter channel
  • Iso Warp Mesh for better hold and feel
  • Carbon shaft for reduced weight and increased strength


Price: $199.99 on

The game’s only true defensive stick, the Fortress 700  is ideal for the player who thrives as the last line of defense for her team. Combined with the Crux Mesh 2.0, it is a vacuum for ground balls and gives incredible feel once the ball is in your stick.

What You Get:

  • Designed for the elite defender
  • STX’s patented 10-degree offset
  • Speed Scoop for ground balls
  • Strike Plate for enhanced power


Price: $274.99 on

The game’s most recognizable model in complete sticks, the Crux Pro is the elite option for women’s lacrosse players at the attack position. With the new Lock Pocket, you will notice a unique knotted pattern and thicker strings for increased durability, maximum control and better overall feel.

What You Get:

  • The lightest Crux ever made
  • STX offset tech to drive the ball to the heads sweet spot
  • Superior ball retention
  • Also available in Crux Mesh 2.0 and Pro Form Pocket


Maverik Ascent Carbon: $99.99 on


Nike Lunar LT: $69.99 on