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A Smarter Way to Train: STATSports' GPS Tracker Changes How You Prepare

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November 28, 2023

Why STATSports is the favored GPS tracker in high-performance sports.

This article appears in the November/December edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine. Join our momentum.

Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America and said to be “the quickest game on two feet." It requires hand-eye coordination, speed, mobility and self-discipline. The quality of athletes continues to rise.

STATSports is one of the most advanced wearables on the market for you to track and analyze key metrics needed to compete, known for its accuracy and reliability.

The APEX Athlete Series is recommended to start. A vest or customized base layer is worn under the shoulder pads or stitched into the jersey. The lightweight GPS performance tracker sits inside a small pocket. It can withstand body and field contact.

Metrics are wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone or tablet via the STATSports APEX Athlete Series mobile app, which is free to download. The 10 HZ GPS device calculates over 4.5 million data points during a typical 60-minute session. Using the same technology as the pros, you can now track your own performance. It’s weather-resistant and Bluetooth-enabled with more than six hours of battery life.

Now’s the time to focus on performance and become committed to it. The STATSports APEX Series is a valuable product with the most accurate data available in minutes. Analyze your practices, and game time metrics in the user-friendly mobile app.

Studies show that using the GPS performance tracker will help make you faster, and improve your max speed by up to 9.4 percent, high-speed running up to 13.6% and intensity up to 12.3 percent. As a result, you can improve your fitness and performance to achieve your objectives.

With its leading technology, ease of use and wide range of features, STATSports is the go-to GPS product for high-performance athletes and teams around the world.

If you are serious about improving your lacrosse performance, then the STATSports Apex Athlete Series is a valuable tool. The data can help track your progress, identify areas where you can improve and make better training decisions. As a result, you can improve your fitness and performance and achieve your goals.


Performance insights. The only GPS performance tracker on the market with 16  key metrics available to you, the most popular of which are total distance, max speed, sprints, heat maps and high-speed running. Prioritize what’s important to you.

Trends. Keep track of changes in your training, game volume and intensity across time. It’s displayed per week, month and year. This is to ensure you’re always perfecting your training load(s) and in control.

Performance decisions. The information can be used to set targets and monitor your individual results. This allows you to make adjustments and see the amount of strain on your body. Set your own limits.

Achievements and community. Unlock your personal bests and hit new records based on maximum output. You can reach a variety of milestones in the mobile app individually or with other athletes.

“STATSports is the most accurate and reliable technology for athletes to monitor their physical demands. We have been using STATSports with our national teams to uncover unique insights about the physical demands of lacrosse.”

— Dr. Jason Vescovi, director of the Center for Sports Science and Safety at USA Lacrosse


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