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Directions: If you have received a red-light determination on your background screen from NCSI, or have been confirmed to be an involved party in a criminal investigation, your membership with USAL has been suspended. To appeal that suspension, please complete the personal information below and attach the following three (3) documents:

A formal appeal letter including:

  1. The context in which the offense occurred
  2. The basis upon which relief from the temporary suspension of membership should be given

Two (2) letters of recommendation. The letters must:

  1. Be addressed to USA Lacrosse and dated within twenty (20) days of the issuance date on the notice you received informing you about the suspension
  2. Be written by two (2) different members of your community (excluding family members)
  3. Speak to your character as a person and coach/official (the writer should detail their relationship to you, how long they have known you, and positive personal qualities you exhibit)
  4. Include contact information of the writer (name, signature, phone, email)

Status message

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