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Resources for Program Leaders

Resources proven to work.

We want to support you as you bring this exciting sport to you community. Our resources will provide help to your leaders and benefits for your members. From estimating start up costs to securing volunteers, we’ve got some tried and true advice to help you out. USA Lacrosse best practices are built on seven pillars that can be used by every league to measure progress and create a plan for continued success.

  1. Membership
  2. Rules
  3. Administration
  4. Safety & Risk Management
  5. Sportsmanship Conduct
  6. Certified Coaches
  7. Certified Officials
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Our experienced regional managers will provide all the assistance and direction you need to implement these best practices. Contact us today.

Regional Managers


Start-Up Manual

Download our free 17-page manual for Starting a Program.


Non-Profit Checklist

Get helpful information about the process of becoming a non-profit corporation.

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Does your organization have the necessary insurance?

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Financial Management

Money and fundraising are primary concerns for all clubs and leagues. These tips can strengthen and protect your organization’s financial position.

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League Management

Access this helpful tool to manage your league's registration, schedules, and communication.

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Forming Teams

How should players be divided into teams to ensure safety and competitive fairness?

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