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USA Lacrosse Aligned Events

USA Lacrosse is proud to work with the leading event operators in the country to provide the most enjoyable, safe, fair and competitive events in our sport.

These events are independently owned and operated by separate organizations who have chosen to follow suggested guidelines concerning key areas such as:

  • USA Lacrosse Membership & Age Verification (for youth players)
  • Venue
  • Game Format
  • Risk Management
  • Event Administration
  • Certified Officials

When adopted in their entirety, these standards, based on high yet attainable goals, will help create the most positive tournament experience possible. The result is a safer and more consistent event that provides the best lacrosse experience for all participants. For more information about this program, please contact Mark Eissele.

Aligned Tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Aligned Event?

Aligned Event is a designation given to events that have chosen to follow a set of operational and safety guidelines set forward by USA Lacrosse. These tournament guidelines are a set of best practices that cover six main areas of an event: USA Lacrosse membership & age verification, game format, venue, risk management, event administration, and certified officials. When these practices are adopted in their entirety, events create a more positive experience for participants while receiving insurance and marketing benefits from USA Lacrosse.

What is the purpose of USA Lacrosse Alignment?

The purpose of aligning with USA Lacrosse is to help event operators provide a more consistent playing experience for participants across the lacrosse tournament landscape. Today, many lacrosse tournaments are running by different rules and game formats which leaves players, parents, and spectators adjusting from event to event. When a tournament is aligned, the event operator guarantees participants what they can expect from the event.

Why should my team attend a USA Lacrosse aligned event?

Have you ever been to a tournament and been left guessing: What rules are we playing? Are there certified medical professionals here? How do I find out schedule information and field maps? An aligned tournament has chosen to do everything to ensure that you, the participants, have the most positive experience possible. Aligned tournaments state that there will be athletic trainers on-site, that there will be an information tent with staff present, and that there is a clear communication plan for schedules and any updates. Aligned tournaments have taken the extra step to make sure each participant has a great lacrosse experience.

How do I get my event aligned?

The primary requirements are requiring USA Lacrosse membership from head coaches and players, using USA Lacrosse certified officials, and following USA Lacrosse rules. You can contact Mark Eissele via email or 410.235.6882 for more information.

Are there any costs to get my event aligned?

There is no cost to have your tournament aligned through USA Lacrosse. 

How do I know if a tournament has been aligned?

There are two ways to know if a tournament is aligned. A USA Lacrosse Aligned Tournament will have rights to the USA Lacrosse Alignedd Tournament Logo and use that logo to acknowledge that they have chose to follow the guidelines. Additionally, you can go to the aligned tournaments page to see a listing of all currently aligned tournaments.

What if I need help attaining the aligned tournament standards?

The USA Lacrosse staff is more than happy to talk you through the guidelines and their importance. It is the event operator’s responsibility to conduct the event and to ensure the safety and positive experience for all, however USA Lacrosse staff is available to answer questions and share insights.

How can I submit feedback for my experience at a recent aligned tournament I’ve attended?

If you would like to contact USA Lacrosse and provide feedback about a particular event, please send your message to Mark Eissele at