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Native American Advisory Council

Lacrosse is a sport with deep spiritual roots, grounded in Native American culture. 

Natives believe that lacrosse was gifted to them by the Creator, with purposes that extend beyond just fun and recreation. To more fully understand, embrace, and honor that tradition, USA Lacrosse draws on the expertise provided by its Native American Advisory Council.

The importance of the Native American Advisory Council fits naturally into the larger mission of USA Lacrosse to reach new populations, to grow the game within Native communities, and to spread the knowledge of its roots through educational resources.

Native American Advisory Council Members

Name Tribal Affiliation
Andrew Lee (Chair) Seneca
David Bray Seneca
Gayle Kelly  
Justin Giles Muscogee
Rick Roy  
Jacqueline Pata Tlingit
Sid Jamieson Mohawk


"It’s incumbent on us to teach and learn the real story of Native Americans, who have made – and continue to make – great contributions to our society and nation. The gift of lacrosse is a beautiful example."

USA Lacrosse Position on Native American Mascots

USA Lacrosse holds and promotes the core beliefs of sportsmanship, cultural diversity, and nondiscrimination in the lacrosse experience of every player, parent, coach, official, and fan. We commend those who have taken proactive steps to embrace an inclusive culture and will continue to strive to enhance the lacrosse experience for all communities. We believe that the misuse of Native American nicknames, logos, and mascots reflects and promotes misleading stereotypes that are degrading and harmful to Native Americans. We will make every effort to assure that offensive or stereotypical mascots and logos will not be visible or promoted at events that USA Lacrosse controls and endorses.

There is no excuse for cultural stereotypes that degrade, slander, mock, or belittle any race, ethnicity, or cultural group. USA Lacrosse will continue to oppose the use of offensive mascots, caricatures, and imagery that promote harmful stereotypes of any kind.