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Coach Certification

Become a Certified Coach

It is our vision that all lacrosse teams are coached by USA Lacrosse certified coaches for the benefit and quality of our sport. The certification process is designed to be completed over a period of 3-5 years, and is for coaches of all levels. USA Lacrosse encourages all coaches to participate in some or all components of the Coach Development Program, and encourages leagues and clubs to utilize the Coach Development Program for their needs.

The USA Lacrosse Coach Development Program is built upon:

  • Teaching coaches to coach, not to play the game
  • Teaching the game in a positive nature
  • Providing the best quality of instruction, information, and delivery
  • Being inclusive to all USA Lacrosse members

You will learn how to:

  • Effectively teach everything from fundamental skills to advanced team tactics
  • Work with youth in an age-appropriate, safe manner
  • Choose drills in order to plan effective practices
  • Implement a positive coaching philosophy

Certified Coach List

Why should I get certified?

  • Your certification verifies that you are a coach set apart from the crowd. You’re recognized as having achieved coaching knowledge and sport-specific training from the only standardized lacrosse coach-training program in the U.S., developed by the leader in the sport, USA Lacrosse.
  • You’ll gain credibility with parents and administrators that you take coaching seriously and are committed to being the best coach you can.
  • Your NCSI background screening is nationally recognized and utilized by most governing bodies and many youth sport organizations.
  • You’ll acquire a wealth of coaching knowledge and techniques through your certification journey. Our curriculums are built by coaches and players at the top of the game, and formulated to help you have the most impact on your players.
  • Getting certified is easy and convenient. Previous participation in any of the educational components counts toward certification. All in-person components for certification are available every year at the US Lacrosse National Convention.
  • Many leagues nationwide require USA Lacrosse certification.

The USA Lacrosse Coach Development Program is the surest way to access everything you need to know to be a great lacrosse coach. Learn the art of effective lacrosse coaching with this nationally-recognized program designed by experts in the field.

Certification Programs

Note: USA Lacrosse will be adjusting its certification program to take effect on Jan. 1, 2024. The new certification levels for coaches will be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Existing Level 1 certified coaches will transferred to the Silver level, Level 2 certified coaches will be transferred to the Gold level and Level 3 certified coaches will be transferred to the Platinum level.