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Adaptive Lacrosse

We believe there’s room for everyone in lacrosse, including participants with physical and intellectual disabilities. Welcome to adaptive lacrosse.

Research tells us that athletes with disabilities benefit from the same training and conditioning as athletes without disabilities, and generally, the same program used for athletes without disabilities can be used for their peers with a disability, with just a few modifications.

“The goal of any adaptive lacrosse program is to give athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities an enjoyable lacrosse experience that is active, exciting, and most of all, fun.”

Adaptive Lacrosse Guidelines

We’re excited to provide some guidance for schools and programs to make lacrosse accessible to all participants and to create adaptive lacrosse programs for students with physical and mental disabilities. Our goal is to familiarize program leaders with how individuals with disabilities can participate through integrated training models that use lacrosse as a tool to promote healthy lifestyles and positive play experiences.  

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Mentors Program

USA Lacrosse has identified seasoned coaches and administrators who are eager to provide support for individuals developing new adaptive lacrosse programs. These mentors, many with over 25 years of adaptive lacrosse experience, will assist new program leaders in gaining practical adaptive coaching and management experience.

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Wheelchair Lacrosse

Our friends at Wheelchair Lacrosse USA (WLUSA) serve as the governing body of wheelchair lacrosse in the United States and help to provide participation opportunities for physically challenged athletes. Since 2009, WLUSA has helped grow over a dozen programs nationwide. Wheelchair lacrosse is played on a roller hockey rink or box lacrosse pad, using a no-bounce ball and basketball chairs.

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