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USA Lacrosse offers webinars throughout the year to help coaches, officials and league leaders be more effective in their efforts. 

Registration for all of these webinars is free of charge (unless otherwise noted) and they are available thanks to the generous support of our nearly 400,000 USA Lacrosse members nationwide and our donors.

Upcoming Webinars

DayDateTime (Eastern)TitleSpeakersPrimary AudienceRegistration
No events currently scheduled   

Archived Webinars

DateTitleSpeaker(s)Primary Audience
5/21/23How to Stay Mentally Healthy While Officiating (Replay)Jeremy Redmon Men's & Women's Game Officials
4/24/23Women's Game Officiating - Legal vs. Illegal Contact (Replay $15)Barb MartinichioWomen's Game Officials
4/23/23Men's Game Officiating - Game Management (Replay $15)Matt PalumbMen's Game Officials
4/17/23Women's Game Officiating - Resolving Conflict (Replay $15)Karen Blaine, Jaime MartinezWomen's Game Officials
4/12/23Men's Game Officiating - Illegal Body Checks & Targeting (Replay $15)  Greg HiteMen's Game Officials
3/27/23Women's Game Officiating - 3D Look at Shooting Space (Replay $15)Liz BrushWomen's Game Officials
3/26/23Men's Game Officiating - Seeing Fouls from Coaches' View (Replay $15)Mike HylandMen's Game Officials
12/5/222023 Boys' Rules Preview (Replay)Jim Carboneau, Rick LakeMen's Game Officials & Coaches
10/27/22The Future of Athlete Safety (Replay)Ann Carpenetti, Trish SylviaParents, Program Leaders, Coaches
10/3/222023 HS Girls' Rules Preview (Replay)Jeffrey GroseWomen's Game Officials & Coaches
2/22/22Oh, That Goalie (Girls' Lacrosse) (Replay)Karen BlaineWomen's Game Officials
12/13/21Perceptions of Women's Headgear Use (Replay)Dr. Trish Kelshaw (Univ of New Hampshire)Coaches, Players, Parents
9/23/21Title IX: Then and Now (Replay)Joan Powell (PAC 12); Sarah Axelson (Women Sports Foundation); Nancy Hogshead Makar (Champion Women); Cecile Reynaud (USA Volleyball) All
9/23/21Digital Media: Engaging and Marketing to Women (Replay)Jenny Jeffries (Athletes Unlimited); Kassidi Gilgenast (USA Volleyball); Shana Stephenson (New York Liberty); Jessica Robertson (TogethXr)All
9/22/21Female Leadership in Sports (Replay)Kristen Carr (USWNT); Teresa Gould (WeCoach); Liz Robertshaw (IWLCA); Lynn Holzman (NCAA)All
9/21/21Mental Health & Mindfulness (Replay)Dr. Jason Vescovi; Dr. Kelsey Erickson (USA Cycling); Dr. Sam Maniar (Center for Peak Performance); Dr. Tiffany Jones (X-Factor Performance)All
9/21/21Driver of DEI Change (Replay)Angie Benson (Athletes Unlimited); Sabah Cambrelen (PwC); Soyini Chang (Quantam Power Skills); Eboni Preston Laurent (USA Lacrosse); Brooke Wilson (Lacrosse the Nations)All
6/17/21Pride Month Talks: Coming Out (Replay)Michelle Tumolo, Kyle Kennery, Gabriel Kris & Madison DoucetteAll
4/19/21Repeated Fouls: How do determine your actions: Hold, Call or Card (Replay)Barb Martinichio, Liz Brush, John Slider, ODP Training GroupWomen's Game Officials
3/21/21We Stand Initiative: Birth of a Movement (Replay)David Prater (Nation United Foundation), Eboni Preston (USA Lacrosse), Esu Ma'at (Quantum Power Skills), Matt Cassalia (True Lacrosse), Dr. Jonathan Jenkins (Clinical Psychologist)All
3/11/21What the Insurance & Risk Mgmt Committee Wants You to Know (Replay)Lori Windolf Crispo (RPS Bollinger), Mark Otto (Caprive Insurance), Brad Robinson (NCAA), Joseph Mannes (Women's Game Official)Program Leaders, Parents, Officials
2/17/21Spring Lacrosse Return to Play (Replay)Dr. Karen Sutton(Hospital for Special Surgery); Dr. Andrew Lincoln (MedStar Health); Nina Walker (Univ of North Carolina)Coaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders, Officials
1/27/21Women's Headgear Research (Replay)Dr. Shane Caswell (George Mason Univ.); Dr. Andrew Lincoln (MedStar Health)Coaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders, Officials
11/12/20Athlete Mindset Series: Balance, Motivation and Mindset (Replay)"Dr. T" - Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Mindset Training Institute) and Tom Marechek (IMG Academy, Syracuse men's lacrosse, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame)All
11/5/20Athlete Mindset Series: Athletic Injury Recovery and Mindset (Replay)"Dr. T" - Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Mindset Training Institute) and Morgan Alexander (Syracuse women's lacrosse)All
10/29/20Athletic Mindset Series: Confidence, Resilience & Mindset (Replay)"Dr. T" - Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Mindset Training Institute) and Maria Auth (Penn State) and Grant Ament (Penn State, Archers LC)All
10/22/20Athlete Mindset Series: Leadership & Mindset (Replay)"Dr. T" - Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Mindset Training Institute) and Ryan Kern (USMC, Boston Cannons)All
10/15/20Athlete Mindset Series: Mental Health Vulnerabilities & Mindset (Replay)“Dr. T” – Arman Taghizadeh, M.D. (Mindset Training Institute) & Anna Barton (North Carolina women's lacrosse)All
10/8/20Athlete Mindset Series: Racism & Mindset (Replay)“Dr. T” – Arman Taghizadeh, M.D. (Mindset Training Institute) & Jovan Miller (LAXtivism 101)All
10/6/20Hispanic Heritage Month Webinar (Replay)Javier Silva (Lacrosse the Nations), Romar Dennis (PLL Atlas), Sophia Lugo (Puerto Rico Lacrosse), Bianca Rojas (Point Univ) and Daniela Eppler (Mexico Lacrosse)All
10/1/20Athlete Mindset Series: Mindset & The Return to Learn/Play (Replay)“Dr. T” – Arman Taghizadeh, M.D. (Mindset Training Institute) & Chazz Woodson (Hampton Univ)All
9/30/20Diversity & Inclusion: Game Changers (Replay)Amari Pollard (Inside Lacrosse), Jazmine Smith (Eyekonz Sports), Kayla Treanor (U.S. National Team), Tari Kandemiri (@OfficialLaxGirl) & Noelle Lambert (U.S. Paralympic Track & Field)All
9/30/20The Power of Sports (Replay)Mira Shane (University of Michigan), Dr. Tanyika Mobile (Sport Psychologist), Caitlin Barrett (Up2Us Sports), Sandra Serafini (NASO) & Heather Mannix (USA Hockey)All
9/29/20Digital Media: Amplifying Women’s Sports (Replay)Halley Griggs (Inside Lacrosse), Haley Rosen (Just Women’s Sports), Lori Lindsey (US Soccer) & Kristen Gowdy (Women’s Sports Foundation)All
9/29/20Developing Women in Leadership (Replay)Kristen Carr (U.S. National Team), Jenny Levy (U.S. National Team), Karissa Niehoff (NFHS), Marci Robles (Rowing, George Washington Univ) & Kristen Wright (USA Hockey)All
9/28/20The Future is Female (Replay)Erin Brown Millon (The Balanced Athlete Project), Jessica Berman (National Lacrosse League), Kristen Kjellman Marshall (WePlayed), Alecia Ivery (Girls in the Game) and Amy Scheer (National Women’s Hockey League)All
9/28/20Keys to Confidence for Female Athletes (Replay)Joan Powell (Collegiate Volleyball Officials Coordinator), Megan Church (, Taylor Cummings (U.S. National Team), Liz Hogan (U.S. National Team) and Dr. Tiff Jones (Mental Performance Consultant)All
9/24/20Athlete Mindset Series: Overview of Mindset (Replay)“Dr. T” – Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Mindset Training Institute) & Kevin Greene (US Lacrosse)Athletes
7/30/20How To: Lean Into Discomfort – Active Allyship in Lacrosse (Replay)Summer Aldred, Catie Greene & Aron LipkinCoaches, Program Leaders
7/23/20How To: Establish Inclusive Practices Into Your League Operations (Replay)Mike Nelson, Ross Waetzman & Justin GilesProgram Leaders
7/16/20How To: Partner with Community Organizations for Outreach & Recruitment (Replay)Jing Peng, Jazmine Smith & Tonee LawsonCoaches, Program Leaders
7/14/20How To: Advocate for Inclusion as Part of Your Child’s Lacrosse Experience (Replay)Jeremy Ardrey & Francine ParadineCoaches, Parents, Program Leaders
7/14/20CEO Huddle: What’s Best for Rec, Club and High School Lacrosse Athletes (Replay)Celine Cunningham, Michael Hungerford & Steve StenersenProgram Leaders
7/2/20Risk Considerations When Returning to Lacrosse Games and Events (Replay)Dr. David Berkoff, Steve Stenersen, Lori Windolf Crispo & Kellie LoehrCoaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders, Officials
7/1/20Stick Drills for Rapid Skill Development (Replay)Tom BalishWomen's Game Coaches
6/26/20Why Being an Inclusive Coach Matters (Replay)Greg Gurenlian, Aron Lipkin, Joe Alberici & Joe AmploCoaches
6/25/20US Lacrosse Insurance in COVID-19 (Replay)Lori Windolf Crispo (RPS Bollinger), Andi O'Connor, Lyn PorterfieldProgram Leaders
6/19/20Prepping Athletes for Return to Practice and Games (Replay)Ann Kitt Carpenetti, Jay Dyer, Matt Nein & Dr. Karen SuttonCoaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders
6/18/20Defense Tactics and Drills (Replay)Dennis KennedyWomen's Game Coaches
6/16/20College Recruiting in the COVID-19 Era (Replay)Jesse Churchward (Next College Student Athlete), John Danowski (Team USA, Duke), Jenny Levy (Team USA, UNC) and Theresa Sherry (Tenacity Project, Inc.)Coaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders
6/16/20The Importance of LGBTQ+ Inclusion (Replay)Michelle Tumolo & Greg GurenlianCoaches, Players, Parents, Program Leaders
6/10/20What It Means to be an LGBTQ+ Athlete (Replay)Michelle Tumolo, Liz Hogan & Katrina DowdPlayers
6/9/20Athletes and Mental Health During COVID-19 (Replay)Andrew Wolanin, Psy. D., Dr. Tim Herzog, Nikki Sliwak, Dr. Blair Evans, Dr. Arman TaghizadehCoaches, Players, Parents
6/1/20US Lacrosse Return to Play Recommendations (Replay)US Lacrosse Return to Play advisory committeeCoaches, Officials, Parents, Program Leaders
5/21/20Skills Girls Need to Play at the Next Level (Replay)Mac FordWomen's Game Coaches
5/19/20Leadership Qualities for Players (Replay)Dom StarsiaCoaches
5/14/20Culture, Chemistry and Leadership (Replay)Cathy ReeseCoaches
5/7/20Developing Decision Makers: Raise Your Players Lax IQ with Small-Sided Games (Replay)T.J. BuchananCoaches