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USA Lacrosse is thrilled to welcome you as you get started on your lacrosse journey. From the moment you pick up a stick, you join a community that works together and shares a common love of the sport.

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Lacrosse 101

We deliver resources to the lacrosse community that create the best atmosphere for players of all ages, sizes and skill levels to thrive. From coach and official education to safety research to showcasing the sport's best players with our national teams, USA Lacrosse works with the community to provide leadership in all key aspects of the sport.


Explore the Sport

All lacrosse players are connected by the bond that you feel the first time you hold a stick in your hands and the sport is further strengthened by the two versions of the game. Learn more about the unique attributes of boys' and girls' lacrosse.

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Regional Contacts

Would you like to know more about lacrosse opportunities in your area? Want to include your program or league in the USA Lacrosse family? Our team of passionate regional managers is here to share the benefits USA Lacrosse can bring to you and your organization.

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