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Team of Distinction Award

Honoring impactful teams that had great achievements.

Created in 2016, this award seeks to recognize the excellence of historically outstanding teams that made great contributions to lacrosse during a specific era of participation. This award is announced once every two years, and typically recognizes both a men’s and women’s team with each cycle.

The USA Lacrosse Men’s and Women’s Hall of Fame Committees make the selections for this award, but selection does not constitute election into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Selections are approved by USA Lacrosse’s Board of Directors.

the primary criteria

  • Impact and contribution to the game of lacrosse. 
  • An extraordinary winning streak.
  • National or World Championship won.

The Prior Winners

Teams of Distinction
1950 Johns Hopkins University men’s team
1969 U.S. Women’s Touring Team
1965 Navy men’s team
1975 U.S. Women’s Touring Team
1976 Cornell University men’s team
1989 U.S. Women’s World Cup Team