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USA Lacrosse Insurance Program

The coverage you need

USA Lacrosse provides exclusive on-the-field coverage for all USA Lacrosse members. In addition, USA Lacrosse provides extensive Risk Management information that protect players and helps them stay safe on and off the field.

The insurance program is included as a part of USA Lacrosse membership and includes features for different membership categories. Among the items covered:

  • Medical coverage for injuries that occur during organized lacrosse activities
  • Liability coverage if sued for injuring someone or causing property damage
  • Game-fee reimbursement for officials who are unable to work games due to an injury suffered while officiating
  • Liability protection for program leaders and volunteers of programs that have 100 percent registration of players and coaches with USA Lacrosse

Download the 2024 Insurance Guide

How to file an accident claim

If you are a current USA Lacrosse member who is injured during a covered lacrosse activity, you may obtain a claim form and instructions by clicking one of the buttons below.

Accident 1/1/23 or later

*A USA Lacrosse member selecting this option will be redirected to the A-G Administrators website to complete the accident claim form.

Accident 12/31/22 or earlier

Link to video

How to file a liability incident claim

Liability Incident Claim Form

(Please note this form is typically used by leagues and/or clubs in a scenario where there is a demand from a third-party for damages, or a correspondence is received from a law firm.  If you are submitting a personal injury claim, then please use link in the section above.)

Certificate of Insurance

  • Member programs who need a certificate of insurance must first complete a member organization agreement form. 
  • Click on the button below to request the agreement form; once submitted, our regional staff will send you a link to the agreement form. 
  • Submit that member organization agreement form, and you will receive an auto reply email that will contain the link to request your Certificate of Insurance (COI) for 2024.

Request Agreement Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is covered by the USA Lacrosse insurance program?

Individual Members: Players, Coaches and Officials who are currently registered members of USA Lacrosse, and who are in good standing, are covered by the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program for the term of their membership. Fan members and International members do not receive insurance coverage as part of their membership benefits.

Coverage by Membership Category: How you register with USA Lacrosse dictates how the coverage will apply. For example, if you register as a player, you are covered when playing lacrosse (and not for officiating or coaching). Similarly, if you are registered as a coach you are covered for your coaching duties only; the insurance will not cover you if you decide to play in a tournament. In order for the Member Insurance Plan to cover you for more than one category of participation, you must indicate these multiple categories on your application.

Teams & Leagues: An important feature of the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program is that the Liability plan extends only to teams and leagues that are 100% registered with USA Lacrosse. In order for a team or league to be covered by the General Liability and Excess Liability policies, all players and coaches must be currently registered with USA Lacrosse. By doing so, your team or league as an entity will be protected by the Liability policies and you will be able to obtain Certificates of Insurance, which are typically needed in order to secure fields or facilities for lacrosse activities. In addition, the Liability plan will also extend to cover your board and volunteers if they are named in a lawsuit.

Don’t overlook this important aspect of team or league operations! Make sure your team or league is properly insured for liability so that you are not responsible for the financial and legal burden of handling a legal claim yourself.

Non-Members: No insurance coverage is provided to non-members while participating in lacrosse activities. 

What activities are covered by the USA Lacrosse insurance program?

The accident and liability policies provide coverage to insured persons or teams/leagues for the following Covered Activities:

Standard Lacrosse Activities: USA Lacrosse members and 100% registered teams and leagues are covered for scheduled games, team practice sessions, and sponsored team/league activities, provided they are under the direct supervision of a team coach or other official team/league member. "Team or League Activities" include games, scheduled practices, clinics and team training, and participation in tournaments. Coverage is not provided for unscheduled or unsupervised practices or training (ie., playing lacrosse in your backyard).

Other supervised activities, such as team or league meetings, banquets, and standard, non-hazardous fundraisers are also covered. Examples of non-hazardous fundraisers are bake sales, car washes, and other similar, low-risk events are covered. "Hazardous" fundraisers include activities such as bounce-houses, hiring petting zoos or hosting concerts, which will need to be individually underwritten and may incur an additional premium. No coverage is provided for any event that includes fireworks.

Tournaments are covered when the event is sanctioned by US Lacrosse and/or if there is 100% USA Lacrosse membership for all players/coaches. For more information, please contact USA Lacrosse at 410-235-6882 x102, or

USA Lacrosse Insurance Accident coverage follows individual members whenever they are participating in scheduled amateur lacrosse activities. If you are a Player member and play on three different teams, the coverage follows you wherever you go, regardless of whether or not the other players on the team are USA Lacrosse members. Similarly, if you attend a camp or play in a tournament, your membership insurance will follow you for each of those activities and cover you if you are injured.

Coverage for Officials/Assignors: USA Lacrosse member officials are protected while officiating amateur lacrosse and they are also covered in their duties as Assignors for lacrosse games. In order for the insurance coverages to apply to Assigning duties, Assignors must be a USA Lacrosse member official. Under the General Liability policy, coverage for officials is specifically defined as being “in force while officiating in any and all amateur lacrosse activities." Additionally no coverage is in place for box or indoor lacrosse that permits cross-checking and boarding.

Group Travel – The USA Lacrosse Insurance Plan provides limited coverage for direct travel to and from lacrosse activities. Coverage is provided ONLY under the Accident policies for injuries incurred during group travel, as indicated below. No coverage is provided for under the Liability policies for individual or group travel, nor for transporting participants. See below for further details.

  1. Accident Insurance: Under the Accident coverage, members are covered while traveling as a group directly to or from scheduled lacrosse activities. Group travel refers to a group of team members, or a group of officials going directly to or from a lacrosse activity, whether in chartered vehicles or in privately owned cars. No coverage is provided for injuries incurred during individual travel by a member traveling to activities on his/her own.

    The Accident policy pays on an excess basis. Therefore, if a member is injured in a car accident, the USA Lacrosse Accident policy will pay after any other applicable primary insurance has paid its benefits -- including health insurance plans and personal injury or no-fault coverage under the driver’s auto insurance.
  2. Liability Insurance: No auto liability or other liability coverage is provided for travel under the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program. This means that there is no liability coverage for coaches, parents, players, officials or volunteers while transporting team members or volunteers to any lacrosse activity. Therefore, Bollinger and USA Lacrosse strongly advise teams or leagues who are transporting participants to make certain that the vehicle and the driver(s) are properly licensed and fully insured.

When does USA Lacrosse membership coverage go into effect?

The USA Lacrosse member insurance goes into effect upon the date of receipt of your new or renewal membership application in USA Lacrosse’s office. If you apply for membership on-line, the insurance is effective as of the date your credit card transaction is approved (usually same day).

If you mail in your application to USA Lacrosse, or if your coach or league administrator collects your membership application to mail into USA Lacrosse as part of a group, coverage does not go into effect until the application is received in USA Lacrosse’s office.

If you are participating in an event sponsored by USA Lacrosse with on-site membership registration, the insurance will go into effect upon acceptance of your application by USA Lacrosse staff on the day of that event.

You can look up your membership status on-line through the USA Lacrosse website.

What happens once I submit an accident/injury claim?

  1. Injured member files a claim using the A-G Administrators online form that is found using the link above on this webpage.
  2. Member receives an email acknowledging the claim has been submitted along with “next step” notice indicating that the claim has been sent to the coach for verification. 
  3. The coach receives an email from A-G Administrators with a notice of injury to review. 
  4. The coach must click the link, review the details to confirm accuracy, and verify the claim.
  5. Injured member will receive an email acknowledging that the coach verified the claim and “next step” notice. 
  6. The claim is entered into A-G Administrators claims portal and assigned a claim number along with a message that establishes a secure email exchange directly between the member and A-G Administrators.

What happens if I am not receiving notifications or updates on my accident/injury claim?

I am not receiving the email acknowledgement from A-G Administrators after submitting my claim.

  • Check the spam/junk folder.

It is taking a long time for the claim to enter into the A-G Administrators claims portal. 

  • It is likely that the coach has not verified the claim. Please inform the coach to expect an email from A-G Administrators (to check spam/junk if it’s not received) and that they must open the link and verify the claim. 

Additional questions can be sent to the A-G Administrator representative, Dan Beery at