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National Celebrate Lacrosse Week

Celebrate the Sport!

National Celebrate LogoUSA Lacrosse is excited to celebrate the sport of lacrosse this fall from Nov. 6-14, 2021. National Celebrate Lacrosse Week will offer daily themes throughout the event to bring the lacrosse community together virtually and in person to help showcase this special game.

Part of this initiative is to make the sport of lacrosse more welcoming, diverse and inclusive. We welcome all individuals from every walk of life to come and experience a sport that has so much opportunity for all youth.

A key component of National Celebrate Lacrosse Week will be free "Pickup and Play" clinics for children, ages 6-14, that will give these youth players a chance to try the sport and connect with local lacrosse organizations that provide opportunities to further their exploration of lacrosse. Registration is now open - see the nearly 40 locations below.

Daily Themes

Celebrate the sport virtually (on social media) or in person with your team. This piece of National Celebrate Lacrosse Week will engage the entire lacrosse community in celebrating the sport at all levels and help to expose the game to new audiences.

  • Monday, Nov. 8: Celebrate the History of the Sport
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9: Celebrate and Play
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10: Celebrate Coaches & Officials
  • Thursday, Nov. 11: Celebrate the U.S. National Teams
  • Friday, Nov. 12: Celebrate Team Spirit

National Celebrate Lacrosse Week Sponsors

Game On

Pickup and Play Clinic Locations

New England PIckup and Play

Nov. 6: Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League - North Kingston, R.I.

Nov. 13: RHAM Youth Lacrosse - Hebron, Conn.

Nov. 13: Hull Youth Lacrosse - Hull, Mass.

Nov. 14: CONNY Lacrosse - Trumbull, Conn.

Northeast Pickup and Play

Nov. 6: Carlisle Youth Lacrosse Association - Carlisle, Pa.

Nov. 6: North Salem Youth Lacrosse Club - North Salem, N.Y.

Nov. 7: Martinsburg High School Lacrosse - Martinsburg, W. Va.

Nov. 13: Eyekonz Lacrosse - Philadelphia, Pa.

North Atlantic PIckup and Play

Nov. 13: Jersey City Lacrosse - Jersey City, N.J.

Nov. 14: Harlem Jets Lacrosse - Bronx, N.Y.

Nov. 14: Trenton Lacrosse - Lawrence Township, N.J.

Mid-Atlantic Pickup and Play

Nov. 6: DCIAA - Washington, D.C.

Nov. 7: Prince Georges County Parks & Rec - Brandywine, Md.

Nov. 13: Western Maryland Chapter of USA Lacrosse - Frederick, Md.

Nov. 13: USA Lacrosse Headquarters - Sparks, Md.

Nov. 14: SCAA - Lorton, Va.

Southeast Pickup and Play

Nov. 6: Greeneville Lacrosse Club - Greeneville, Tenn.

Nov. 6: RADD Sports - Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Nov. 6: Friends of Brevard Lacrosse - Rockledge, Fla.

Nov. 7: Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association - Kernersville, N.C.

Midwest Pickup and Play

Nov. 13: Oak Hills Youth Athletics - Cincinnati, Ohio

Nov. 14: South Bend Bears Lacrosse Club - Notre Dame, Ind.

Nov. 14: Loveland Youth Lacrosse - Milford, Ohio

Southwest Pickup and Play

Nov. 6: 5th and Shady Lacrosse - Mansfield, Texas

Nov. 7: Mission Lacrosse Club - San Antonio, Texas

Nov. 13: Round Rock Rattlers - Austin, Texas

Nov. 13: Red River Youth Lacrosse Association - Bossier City, La.

Mountain PIckup and Play

Nov. 6: Pueblo Heroes Lacrosse Club - Pueblo, Colo.

Nov. 6: COSMO Lacrosse - Colorado Spring, Colo.

Nov. 13: Knuckleheads Lacrosse - Tama, Iowa

Pacific Pickup and Play

Nov. 6: Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association - Tacoma, Wash.

Nov. 6: Anchorage Lacrosse Association - Anchorage, Alaska

Nov. 7: Alameda Lacrosse Club - Alameda, Calif.

Nov. 7: Oakland Lacrosse Club - Oakland, Calif.

Nov. 13: Oregon Girls Lacrosse Association - Wilsonville, Ore.

Nov. 13: Rose City Lacrosse - Beaverton, Ore.

Nov. 14: Sacramento Lacrosse - Sacramento, Calif.

Nov. 14: South Kitsap Lacrosse - Port Orchard, Wash.

Nov. 14: Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association - Seattle, Wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pickup and Play clinics?

The highlight of National Celebrate Lacrosse Week will be a free in-person introductory lacrosse experience called a ‘Pickup and Play’ clinic. These clinics will offer community lacrosse organizations the ability to grow the game locally. Participants will receive a great introduction to the sport, get connected to their local community lacrosse organization and receive a pinnie, at no cost! 

When will Pickup and Play clinics take place?

A: The host program may conduct their clinic on November 6, 7, 13 or 14. 

Who is the target audience for Pickup and Play clinics?

The clinics are designed to provide the best introduction to lacrosse, at no cost, for school-aged children that have never played before. 

What are the benefits for participants who attend a Pickup and Play clinic?

Participants will experience a great introduction to the sport, get connected to their local community lacrosse organization and receive a pinnie, at no cost!