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Code of Ethics

The mission of USA Lacrosse is to provide national leadership, structure to fuel the sport’s growth and enrich the experience of participants. USA Lacrosse grants the privilege of membership to individuals (players, coaches, officials and leadership) committed to the tenets of its mission. Inherent with all professional organizations is the potential for conflicts of interest, harassment, abuse of power, and other forms of unethical practice.

The goal of the USA Lacrosse Code of Ethics is to establish and encourage the adoption of standards of behavior, as well as other guidelines of ethical behavior for all members, volunteers, staff and any other individuals and organizations that choose to affiliate with USA Lacrosse.

Ethical considerations are integral, not optional, elements of sports best-practice organizations and apply to all levels of participations. USA Lacrosse encourages all members to acknowledge and follow ethical guidelines and demonstrate integrity by voluntarily agreeing to adhere to our ethical code.

Participation in the sport of lacrosse provides a powerful vehicle for a participant’s personal growth and development, teaches the values of respect, fairness, teamwork, communication, responsibility, truthfulness, non-discrimination, honesty and integrity. These values serve as the core ideals for the USA Lacrosse Code of Ethics.


Respect is defined at the individual, team and corporate levels. Individuals should value the opinions, views and roles of others who work to further the mission of the organization. All should safeguard the dignity, privacy and freedom of individuals regardless of their race, color, creed, socio-economic status, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or nationality. Respect defines the value that USA Lacrosse, as an organization, places on honoring the history of the sport, and demonstrates the regard it shows to the various and disparate constituencies that have come together to form USA Lacrosse to further the growth and development of the sport.


Fairness is making decisions without favoritism or prejudice. USA Lacrosse firmly believes that the concept of fairness is fundamental to sport. Anything that creates an unfair advantage violates the spirit, as well as the integrity, of the sport of lacrosse.


Teamwork is defined as a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of individuals who work collectively in the interest of a common goal. USA Lacrosse believes there is significant value in promoting teamwork, both on and off the field, in every segment of the sport. All members of USA Lacrosse, its staff, and volunteers should adopt and promote the philosophy that greater success can be achieved when individuals sacrifice their desire for personal accomplishment in favor of goals.


Communication is an attempt by individuals to create shared understanding. Communication is an active ‘two way street,’ requiring a balance of articulating, listening, writing, reading, observing, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. USA Lacrosse members, employees and those individuals or groups representing USA Lacrosse, should communicate with clarity, honesty, timeliness, and openness. Communication should include all pertinent information shared transparently with all appropriate recipients. Clear, honest, timely communication allows collaboration and cooperation to occur, building a stronger game and community for sport.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest is present in any instance in which the actions or activities of an individual representing or acting on behalf of USA Lacrosse could result in actual or perceived personal gain or advantage, and/or have an adverse effect on the interests, mission or integrity of USA Lacrosse. Individuals who represent and serve USA Lacrosse, at the local, regional or national levels have a duty to disclose any financial interest or personal obligation that may, actually or perceptually, affect the independence of their judgment.


All members of USA Lacrosse, its staff, and volunteers are obligated to comply with all applicable laws. Violation of the law is not tolerated. USA Lacrosse reserves the right to review such violations, which may result in revocation of organizational and/or member status.