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Submitted by blogue on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 17:40

Junior Official Certification is for anybody that is between the ages of 14 and 18 who wishes to officiate lacrosse games. It is recommended that junior officials only officiate youth games for players that are at least two age levels below their age.

Active USA Lacrosse Membership with Official participation

USA Lacrosse membership as an official enrolls you into the certification program, provides you with free access to online courses, rules exams recorded webinars, downloadable resources and insurance benefits.

Complete the Boys' or Girls' Lacrosse Rules Online Course

This course explains the rulebook so that new officials have a better grasp of the rules and how to differentiate between legal and illegal checking.

Annual Professional Development Course

This is an annual online learning component that must be completed by all officials.

Annual Online Rules Exam

All officials must obtain a score of 90% or higher to pass this annual exam.

Learn how to access required elements via our E-Learning overview page.

Pass the Junior Officials Field Evaluation

Your local trainer or observer will conduct this evaluation when they feel you are ready. Please check with them to secure a game to be evaluated on. The evaluation is the most critical component of certification as it ensures the official is ready to officiate games at that level and that they have learned the fundamentals needed to officiate lacrosse games.