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Bob Scott
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All nominations are required to have the information on player transcripts verified and signed by their guidance counselor.

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Athletic Awards
List All Athletic Awards Won for each year of High School – For each award please indicate in which sport the award was won and whether it was with a club team or high school team.  Please also indicate whether the award was a team award, conference level, state or national level award.  Only include awards already won – do not list any awards nominated for or anticipated.
Volunteer Activities
List all Volunteer activities for each year of High School. Indicate whether the activity was a school sponsored event, or otherwise how the athlete got involved (ie. church event, etc).
Leadership Roles
List all Leadership roles for each year of High School. Indicate the title of the position and brief summary of the role. Please also include whether this was a high school based leadership position or a community based leadership position. (ie. Class president)
*Required for All-Academic and Bob Scott Nominees
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