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LaxFit Program

LaxFit® is an exercise and strengthening program designed to enhance player safety and performance. 

Developed in consultation with medical experts at MedStar Health, LaxFit is a standardized and comprehensive program that will increase athlete performance, reduce high-risk lacrosse injuries, and promote healthy long-term athlete development. The LaxFit exercises can be used by athletes of all ages and provide the greatest benefit when consistently performed prior to every lacrosse practice and game as part of a dynamic warm-up. Stage 1 of the program is designed to decrease an athlete’s risk of a lower extremity injury. The program emphasizes core strength, balance, and proper landing techniques.

“This program is intended as a model for developing strong and resilient musculature among lacrosse athletes.”

The training

The lower extremity program offers an online tutorial course that explains how to successfully implement all phases of the injury prevention program with lacrosse athletes. Participants in this course will learn the exercises and how to administer the cycles of the program safely and efficiently.

Who is it for?

With the training, anyone can implement the LaxFit program (coach, athletic trainer, team captain, volunteer, etc.)

How does it work?

The entire lower extremity online training takes 45-60 minutes to complete. This includes the Intro, the Dynamic Warm Up, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and the Conclusion. The dynamic warm up is a critical element before each phase that prepares the body for exercise. Each phase features a series of 9-10 exercises that are to be practiced 2-3 times per week for a period of 3-6 weeks.

What coaches need

Access to the online tutorial course and the purchase of a therapy power band (green resistance bands) for each member of the team. Information on how to purchase these bands can also be found in the resources section of the online course.

How do coaches access the training?

The full LaxFit training course is hosted online at (search LaxFit). A login is required. The first component about lower extremity injuries is available now.

The Cost:

The online tutorial is FREE to USA Lacrosse members; $50.00 for non-members.