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| Aug 04, 2022

The Oakland Lacrosse Dream

By Brian Logue | Photo by Mason Perricone

Last year, the Oakland Lacrosse Club and the Oakland Unified School District announced a bold plan to bring varsity girls’ lacrosse programs to all eight high schools in the district. The recently completed 2022 season included programs at four of the schools and plans are in the works to have the remaining four schools on board by 2024.

A sizeable grant from USA Lacrosse is helping to supplement strong fundraising efforts by the Oakland Lacrosse Club to make this vision a reality.

Since its launch in 2012, Oakland Lacrosse Club has created numerous opportunities for a new wave of players to learn about the sport and USA Lacrosse has been a longtime supporter of its efforts. Earlier this year, some of our staff visited Oakland to help showcase the impact the organization is having in one of America’s most diverse communities.

The following video, produced by USA Lacrosse's Jason Bass and Mason Perricone, introduces some of the people behind Oakland Lacrosse, the community leaders who have helped the high school initiative move forward and most importantly, the high school players impacted by the program.

This story, written by USA Lacrosse's Matt Hamilton, was featured in the July/August print edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine, mailed to our more than 400,000 members nationwide.

If you’d like to support initiatives like this that help introduce new players to the sport all over the country, please contact Jonathan Rodak, senior director of development for USA Lacrosse.