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| Sep 09, 2021

USA Lacrosse Inspires Young Women Through "She Competes" Series

By USA Lacrosse Staff

SPARKS, Md. — USA Lacrosse is proud to announce the return of SheCompetes, a free virtual series taking place September 21 - 23. This series brings together prominent athletes and leaders from the world of female sports to share their experiences and insights for girls and women in sports on and off the field. Key themes include the empowerment of women in and through sport; diversity, equity, and inclusion; mentorship; and mental health.   

Through this series, USA Lacrosse hopes to provide support, inspiration and real-world tools for female athletes, coaches, officials and administrators. 

Here’s the lineup of sessions:

Driver of Change

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 4 p.m. (Eastern)

The power of sport to drive social change is vital to understanding the importance of sport in the modern world, for both athletes, fans and sport business leaders. The panelists in this session all bring great expertise on how to develop and cultivate change.  We will focus on possibilities to harness the power of sport to build empowered communities that celebrate and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Moderator: Angie Benson (Blaxers Blog, Athletes Unlimited Athlete) 
Panelist: Sabah Cambrelen (PwC Managing Director, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Leader)
Panelist: Soyini Chang (CEO, Quantam Power Skills) 
Panelist: Eboni Preston Laurent (Director of DE&I, USA Lacrosse) 
Panelist: Brooke Wilson (Communications and Development Director, Lacrosse the Nations)


Mental Health and Mindfulness

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 6 p.m. (Eastern)

Mental health is a critical component of the athlete’s mindset.  Our panelists in this session will explore mindfulness, among other tools, to discuss how athletes prepare psychologically to handle the mental component of competition as well as life. How can we continue to break the stigma around mental health in sports and what advantages are there to this? 

Moderator: Dr. Jason Vescovi (Director, Center for Sports Science, USA Lacrosse) 
Panelist: Dr. Kelsey Erickson (Executive Director of Athlete Health and Wellness, USA Cycling)
Panelist: Dr. Sam Maniar (President, Center for Peak Performance) 
Panelist: Dr. Tiffany Jones (President, X-Factor Performance)


Female Leadership in Sports

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 4 p.m. (Eastern)

Although there has never been more opportunity for women in sport, women are often left out of leadership positions within school sports administration as well as corporate sports entities. In this session, panelists will talk about how we can fix this imbalance, mentorship and way to foster female leadership in the sports world as coaches, policy makers, and administrators.  

Moderator: Kristen Carr (USWNT, JHU) 
Panelist: Teresa Gould (President, WeCoach) 
Panelist: Liz Robertshaw (Executive Director, IWLCA) 
Panelist: Lynn Holzman (Vice President of Women’s Basketball, NCAA)


Title IX Then and Now: The State of Women in Sport

Thursday, Sept. 23, 4 p.m. (Eastern)

In this She Competes session, we have brought together some of the nation’s leading experts on the history and role of Title IX for women’s opportunity in sports.  We will focus on current state of Title IX, what it means for female athletes today and how and why change is still needed. 

Moderator: Joan Powell (PAC 12, former NCAA Coordinator, PAVO, USA Volleyball) 
Panelist: Sarah Axelson (Director of Advocacy, Women Sports Foundation) 
Panelist: Nancy Hogshead Makar (Champion Women, Olympic Gold Medalist) 
Panelist: Cecile Reynaud (past BOD Chair USA Volleyball, past Board President of WeCOACH)


Digital Media: Engaging and Marketing to Women

Thursday, Sept. 23, 6 p.m. (Eastern)

The emergence of new media forms as opposed to traditional media in the sports space has given brands and organizations new opportunity to cater to women in sport, as both consumers and contributors. For instance, the NWSL saw record engagement on social media during their 2020 season, perhaps signaling new ways to measure sports viewership. How are organizations utilizing digital media to advance women in sport and what more can be done? 

Panelist: Jenny Jeffries (Director of Social, Athletes Unlimited) 
Panelist: Kassidi Gilgenast (Chief Marketing Officer, USA Volleyball) 
Panelist: Shana Stephenson (Vice President of Marketing, New York Liberty) 
Panelist: Jessica Robertson (Chief Content Officer, TogethXr)


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