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World Lacrosse
| Jun 05, 2023

World Lacrosse Clarification on Heritage Cup

By World Lacrosse Staff

Dear WL Members, 

The recently concluded Heritage Cup held from May 26-29 in Glassboro, New Jersey, USA, was not sanctioned by World Lacrosse or USA Lacrosse.

World Lacrosse members that participated are advised that there may have been teams present who were not organized, approved or otherwise recognized by their National Governing Body, despite playing under the name and flag of a WL member. We encourage all WL members to perform due diligence before participating in events not hosted, affiliated with or sanctioned by World Lacrosse, a Continental Federation or WL member. World Lacrosse and/or WL members may not be able to assist should a need arise during or from an unaffiliated event. 

World Lacrosse is the international governing body for the sport of lacrosse recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee, the Association of Recognized International Sport Federations and the International World Games Association.