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Aggie B. Kurtz

Hall of Fame


Inducted 2003


Smith College

Aggie Bixler Kurtz is a 1962 graduate of Smith College who went on to play at the club level and played on U.S. touring teams that went to Great Britain in 1964 and 1970.

Following coaching stints at Vassar and Delaware, she was hired in 1972 by Dartmouth College to introduce women's athletics at the school. As the first women's athletics administrator, Kurtz was expected to create an intramural sports program and gradually build up to varsity athletics. Instead she established varsity squash, lacrosse, tennis, field hockey and basketball right away, and coached three of the squads herself: field hockey, squash and lacrosse. Kurtz coached at Dartmouth from 1973 to 1986, while continually building the entire women's athletics program.

She was also a nationally rated umpire and wrote two books about women’s lacrosse.

In addition to the National Lacrosse Hall of fame, Kurtz has been inducted into the US Lacrosse New England Chapter Hall of Fame, the Smith College Hall of Fame, and the US Squash Hall of Fame.