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Albert A. Brisotti

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1958


New York University

Born in New York City in 1888, Brisotti graduated from the Towsend Harris Hall in 1906. He took his undergraduate work at the City College of New York and the Engineering School at New York University, 1908-1911, and later took graduate courses in the New York University School of Education. While in high school, Brisotti played football, lacrosse, and ran on the track team, winning awards in all sports. In college, he continued his work in football, track, and lacrosse, winning many awards during his college days.

After leaving college, Brisotti played on several different club teams scattered throughout the New York area and continued playing until the 1942 season. He coached at the following institutions: Stevens Institute, 1918-1920, at which time Stevens was twice the Northern Champion. He moved to Rutgers University in 1921 and was their first coach of lacrosse and coached there through 1925. Then to New York University where he coached from 1926-1933. Then out of college coaching for fifteen years, but very active in coaching the different boys' clubs in the New York area, and in the box lacrosse leagues that were active during this period of time. Back into college coaching in 1949, he was the first coach at Hofstra College and in the same year, he became the first coach at Post College.

Brisotti's officiating history included 26 years, from 1926-1951. He was also extremely active writing articles and lecturing on the game throughout his entire career. In 1934, Al was one of the founders of the Long Island Lacrosse Association and president of this group from 1935-1953. Also, a founder and past president of the Metropolitan Sunday Lacrosse League.

He is well noted for being editor of the Lacrosse Guide for over two decades. Besides all of Al's work in the sports field, he was extremely active working for the New York Central Railroad, the New York State Public Service and the New York City Fire Department before moving into the educational field in 1925, where he was extremely active as a teacher and administrator and Dean of Boys until his retirement in 1958. Al Brisotti, Sr. passed away in 1964.