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Andrew M. Kirkpatrick

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1958


St. John's College

Kirkpatrick was born in Granite, Maryland in 1901 and graduated from Baltimore City College in 1919. He received his BA degree from St. John's (Md.) College in 1923 and his LLB from the University of Baltimore in 1932. While at City College, he played lacrosse, track and football - gaining letters in all sports.

Moving to St. Johns, he participated in both football and lacrosse and was captain of the football team, and an All-Maryland football player. After leaving St. John's, he played for the Mt. Washington Club in 1924, 1925 and 1928 and the L'Hirondelle Club in 1926-27, captaining their team in 1926.

Andy's first job in athletic work after graduating from St. John's was to coach football at the Boys' Latin School from 1923-25. He then coached lacrosse at Baltimore City College from 1925-28, and then on to the Donaldson School where he coached lacrosse in 1929.

Andy officiated at both lacrosse and football from 1927 through 1939 and was one of the leading officials in both sports. He was chief referee for the Maryland-Virginia district in 1943-49 and again from 1950-53. In 1954, he became commissioner of the Southern Officials Association. He also served on the All-American Selection Committee and was a past-president of the Baltimore Lacrosse League.

Besides all of his work in the athletic field, Andy was a very excellent sports reporter for the Baltimore News Post from 1924-34, and was a columnist for the Sunday American from 1925-55. He also was state editor and news editor from 1934-52, and editor of the Baltimore Sunday American from 1952-55. In the many years that Andy was active in the lacrosse world, he published many articles on lacrosse, especially in the Lacrosse Guide, and after his untimely death, the 1956 Lacrosse Guide was dedicated to him.

The Alumni Association of the Baltimore City College established a memorial trophy in his name. This trophy is one of the prized awards among the scholastic players in Baltimore. Andy Kirkpatrick passed away in 1955.