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Charles E. Marsters

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1957


Harvard University

Charles Marsters graduated from Polytechnic Preparatory School in New York City in 1902, where he played basketball and ran track. He graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1907. He played one year of freshman lacrosse and three years of varsity lacrosse, and was captain for one year. In his sophomore year, he was elected to the Ivy Club, and was elected president of the club in his senior year.

In 1913, he helped to create the Boston Lacrosse Club for the purpose of spreading the game throughout all of New England. For sixteen years, he played point and managed the team. After that period, Charlie coached the team for a number of years, also filling in as advisory coach and club president. During World War I, Charlie enlisted in the Navy, and after attending officers' training school, was commissioned ensign and stationed at the Naval Flying Station at Pensacola, Florida.

During the years 1926 to 1930, his efforts with student groups and athletic directors resulted in the following institutions fielding teams: Brown, M.I.T., Tufts, and New Hampshire. In 1935, he helped form the New England Lacrosse League. For many years, Charlie wrote the New England College article for the NCAA Annual Lacrosse Guide.

He held many offices in the USILA, including president (1909-1910, 1917-1918) and vice president (1907-1908). He served on the All-American committee for ten years, and in 1951 he received the USILA's Man of the Year Award, recognizing outstanding contribution to the game with unselfish and untiring devotion. Charlie Marsters passed away in 1962.