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Edwin E. Powell

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1964


University of Maryland

Powell was born in 1889 in Baltimore and was educated at Baltimore City College and the University of Maryland, graduating in 1913 with a BS in civil engineering.

In lacrosse, he played for the Mt. Washington Juniors, 1904-07, the University of Maryland, 1909-13, and the Mt. Washington Seniors, 1911-12. He won his letter in lacrosse at Maryland from 1910-13 and also the tennis championship at Maryland, 1912 to 1913. His most important contribution to lacrosse at the University of Maryland was that he organized and coached the first lacrosse team in 1910. The University of Maryland class of 1913 had made an annual award known as the "Powell Lacrosse Award" to the outstanding player for meritorious service in the advancement of lacrosse in Maryland.

After graduating from Maryland, he was connected with the highway construction in Maryland, building construction in New York City and Connecticut, was Office Manager and Salesman for Mack Trucks, an engineer for the U.S. Bureau of Public Transport and Survey in Pennsylvania and Chicago, Sales Engineer for Black & Decker, Sales Engineer for Loadometer Corp., and, beginning in 1956, he was president of the Stoneleigh Bowling Center, Inc., duck pin bowling lanes in Baltimore. He enlisted in the 23rd Engineers, December 1917 and was promoted to Master Engineer February 1918. In 1918, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and promoted to 1st Lieutenant in 1919. He was discharged July 1919.

Edwin Powell passed away at age 96.