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Edwin L. Lotz

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1966


St. John's College

Lotz graduated from Ellicott City (Md.) High School in 1927, where he earned varsity letters in track and field, soccer and basketball. At St. John's College, Lotz played football and lacrosse, and paired with his brother and fellow Hall of Fame inductee, Philip, the Lotz brothers of St. John's are considered two of the greatest defensemen of all-time.

In 1928, Lotz played on the baseball team at St. John's as the catcher. In 1929, the students voted to drop the baseball team and the effect was a transfer of talent to the lacrosse team, including Lotz. During his three years on the lacrosse team, the Johnnies won national championships in 1929, 1930 and 1931.

Lotz was also a member of the international championship team of 1931, which won the United States - Canadian Series and the Lally International Lacrosse Trophy, now known as the Lally Cup Series. Lotz earned recognition as a first team All-American in 1930 and 1931 for the point position. He was also selected all-state in football in 1931.

After graduating from St. John's, Lotz attended the Johns Hopkins University graduate engineering school and was awarded a Master's degree in 1934 and Doctor of Engineering in 1938. While attending graduate school, Lotz continued playing lacrosse for the Baltimore Athletic Club. In 1938, he helped to organize and played for the Montclair Athletic Club lacrosse team.

The Associated Press did a caricature of Ed Lotz in 1931, entitled "He's Lotz of Good to Johnnies". The cartoon depicted St. John's great lacrosse and football star in his football and lacrosse gear. The caption said "one of the best athletes ever developed at the Crabtown college."

In 1999, Sports Illustrated listed Ed and his brother, Phil, as two of Maryland's 50 greatest athletes of the 20th Century.

Ed Lotz passed away in 2004.