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Frank G. Breyer

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1964


Johns Hopkins University

Born in 1886 in Baltimore, Breyer attended Baltimore City College and Johns Hopkins University. He graduated from Hopkins in 1908 with an BA degree and in 1910 a MS degree. In 1952, he received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Clarkson College.

At City College, he played lacrosse for three years. While at Johns Hopkins he played on four intercollegiate lacrosse champion teams. In addition, he was South Atlantic Cross Country champion. He co-founded and served as the first coach of the U.S. Naval Academy lacrosse team. He also at spent time coaching at Lehigh and Swarthmore Colleges.

In business, as a chemist, he was chief chemist for the New Jersey Zinc Company of Pennsylvania and director of research for the Zinc Company of New York. He was a partner in Singmaster and Breyer and served as chairman of Chemical Enterprises.

Frank Breyer passed away in 1966.