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Gaylord R. Auer

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1968


Baltimore City College

Joining Bacharach Rasin Co. as a stock boy in 1919, Auer became sole owner of the company and from that time on he worked at the promotion of the game of lacrosse and in the improvement of its equipment. Interested in keeping down the cost of the game, in 1929 he arranged a partnership with a Canadian associate and for nearly forty years they produced most of the sticks in this country.

Auer is an honorary Indian Chief, known as Chief Tioneka. In 1949 an equipment pool was organized, and it was administered by Auer and in 1955 he cooperated with the USILA and the USLCA in promoting a loan kit of equipment. Both of these projects did much to help start lacrosse in schools and colleges.

Auer was an honorary life member of the USLCA, USILA, and "Man of the Year" in 1961. Auer resided in the Baltimore area for the majority of his life and passed away in 1981.