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Gordon S. Pugh

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1968


University of Maryland

Pugh was an athlete of amazing stamina, ability, and versatility. He was capable of playing every sport and excelled in all in which he participated, although lacrosse became his outstanding game.

One of the greatest face-off men to play in the game of lacrosse, he earned first team All-American honors for three straight years. He was a high scorer and never permitted an opponent to score against him until his final college game. He continued playing the stick sport for the Mt. Washington Club for two years and was the first lacrosse coach at St. Paul's School.

A product of Baltimore's Polytechnic High School, Willie was a great athlete there from 1924 to 1928. He was Poly's premiere performer, earning eleven major letters, and he was outstanding in football, track and lacrosse. He was captain of the 1927 lacrosse team, was high scorer for the track team, and was awarded Poly's gold football for his achievements on the gridiron and was also awarded the school's athletic medal. Born on July 11, 1909 in East Carondelete, Illinois, he started his college work at Butler University, where he won freshman numerals in football and track.

Transferring to University of Maryland, he received his Bachelor's degree in 1933 and graduated from the Maryland Dental School in 1937. He did graduate work at Columbia University. During World War II, he served as a major with the Dental Corps of the United States Army.

In 1946, he opened orthodontist offices in Salisbury and Easton, Maryland, and in 1954 to 1955 was president of the Eastern Shore Dental Society. He passed away in 1969.