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Gretchen Schuyler

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1994


Boston University

Schuyler was not only one of the first players of her era, but also one of the most versatile players of all time. She played midfield for the United States Team from 1935 to 1939. She also played first home (crease attack) for the 1946 U.S. Team and goalie for the 1948 U.S. Team. She was the first woman inducted to the Boston University Hall of Fame.

Schuyler received the U.S. Army Bronze Star as a Red Cross Captain in World War II for her heroics in Bastogne, Belgium, during the German breakthrough. Upon receiving notification of her election, Schuyler wrote, "It is astonishing to find that at my age (83), I am being honored for my many years playing and coaching a wonderful game. Those years were a joy and I met many wonderful people. This is a perfect culmination of those enjoyable times."

Schuyler passed away in 2002.