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John D. Lang

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1973


Johns Hopkins University

John Lang, Johns Hopkins class of 1929, was a two-time All-American in lacrosse, and joins an illustrious group of greats in the Hall of Fame. Lang earned the reputation "Jack of All Sports" while attending the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. While there, he played an important part in the outstanding records achieved by Poly's basketball, football, soccer, swimming, and lacrosse teams. He achieved All-Maryland honors both in soccer and basketball.

At Hopkins, John was prevented from repeating his outstanding record at Poly only because of the lack of sports. He did, however, manage to play football, basketball, and lacrosse. Laurie Cox selected him as the captain of the All-American Team in 1928, and "Father" Bill Schmeisser chose him for the All-Time Hopkins team. He played with the famous Johns Hopkins Olympic Lacrosse Team in Amsterdam in 1928, and for five years from 1930-35 with the Mt. Washington Team.

John was district manager of the Union Metal Manufacturing Company, and a sales engineer for General Electric. He was president of the Maryland Association of Engineers and commodore of the Sailing Club of the Chesapeake. John Lang passed away in 1996.