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John E. Faber

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1963


University of Maryland

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1903, Faber graduated from Eastern High School in Washington D.C. in 1921, University of Maryland with BS in 1926, MS in 1927, PhD in 1937. After graduating from Maryland in 1926, Jack remained in the educational field all of his life at the University of Maryland. He was head of the Department of Microbiology, as well as faculty chairman of athletics.

Jack's athletic career at Maryland was outstanding. He won three letters in football, four in basketball and three in lacrosse. He was captain of the basketball team for two years, 1924-1925. He was captain of the lacrosse team in 1926 and a third team All-American in 1927 and an honorable mention in 1926.

Dr. Faber's coaching career started shortly after graduating from Maryland and concluded at the end of the 1963 lacrosse season, with exception of a four-year break 1942-1946 when Jack held the rank of major during World War II. During this career, Jack coached not only lacrosse but had his success in football and basketball as well. His overall lacrosse coaching record is 255 wins, 59 losses, 2 ties, all at he University of Maryland. His teams won the national championship in 1936-39-40-55-56, were co-champions in 1937 and 1959. Jack also coached the All Star Teams in 1940-46-56. In 1959 Jack was awarded the Coach of the Year Award.

Jack Faber passed away in 1994.