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Joseph Sollers

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1987


Johns Hopkins University

Joe Sollers, Jr., a four-time All-Maryland goalie at Boys Latin from 1943-1947, enlisted in the Navy as a junior in high school and served 18 months before returning to graduate from Boys Latin in 1947. In 1945, Sollers was honored as the first recipient of the C. Markland Kelly High School Award for the outstanding high school player. Sollers was a three-time All-American at Johns Hopkins from 1949-1951, playing on the 1949 co-championship team and the 1950 championship team. He is the only player ever to receive the Kelly Award as the top collegiate goalie and the Schmeisser Trophy as the nation's outstanding defensive player in the same year, 1951. 

Sollers was co-captain for the South in the 1951 North/South Collegiate All-Star game and is considered to be one of Hopkins' all-time great goalkeepers. Sollers' contributions to lacrosse are visible at every game and practice today. As co-inventor of STX, the plastic stick patented in 1970, he was instrumental in revolutionizing the game of lacrosse. Joe Sollers passed away in 1995.