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J.S. Kennedy

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1960


Crescent Athletic Club

The following is an excerpt from a letter from Waldemar H. Fries concerning Sars, whom he knew well.

"He [Sars] was one of several Canadian hockey and lacrosse players who came to Brooklyn before the turn of the century from Canada. It is even possible that some encouragement was offered these players by the club. He was both an outstanding hockey and lacrosse player - small, very fast, and agile. On the lacrosse team he played "In Home". When college teams played against the Crescent team in lacrosse, Sars would always coach his opponent, telling him the proper way to cover. He was among the last of the original Canadians to play. He refereed the Cornell-Harvard lacrosse game played at Cambridge in 1910. He was an architect by profession. He used to go to Lake Placid, where I understood that he designed several houses or buildings in that town."

Sars was a truly great lacrosse player and not to mention an all around superb athlete. For all that he has done for the game, lacrosse now repays him with its highest honor.