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Morris D. Gilmore

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1968


United States Naval Academy

Captain Gilmore was a member of the first lacrosse team ever to represent the Naval Academy in 1908. As a menacing first defenseman, Gilmore lettered four seasons in lacrosse, although he had no prior experience with the game. He quickly earned a reputation for his sound tactics.

After graduation from the Academy in 1911, Gilmore served with submarines in World War I. Forced by a physical disability to retire from active service after World War I, Gilmore continued his service to the Academy through athletics as secretary-treasurer of the Naval Academy Athletic Association from 1933-55. During that time, he also served as a member of the executive committee for the USILA for many years. He became second vice-president of the USILA in 1944, first vice-president in 1946 and president in 1948. For five years, Gilmore was also chairman of the lacrosse rules committee.

During World War II, Gilmore requested active duty and went back into uniform, serving the Academy as assistant director of athletics and executive officer of the physical education department. Lacrosse was a major interest throughout Gilmore's life. His commitment to the sport was instrumental to the advancement of lacrosse at the Naval Academy.

Morris Gilmore passed away in 1960.