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Norwood Sothoron

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1972


University of Maryland

Sothoron was born in Charlotte Hall, Maryland in 1911. After finishing high school at Charlotte Hall Military Academy, he matriculated at the University of Maryland, where he graduated in 1934. While at Maryland, Norwood won letters in four sports - football, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. He was selected as first team All-American in lacrosse in 1933 and 1934, and was selected to the All-Southern Conference Football Team in 1934. He also received honorable mention on the All-American football team in 1934. In addition, he received the Senior Award for the best athlete in his class.

Sothoron's activities were not confined to the athletic field; he was vice president of his junior class and president of the senior class. In his senior year, Norwood was awarded the Citizenship Medal which is one of the highest awards at the University. He spent five years in the Army from 1941 to 1946, rising to the lofty rank of colonel. He spent almost 23 years as commandant of the Charlotte Hall Military Academy. Norwood Sothoron passed away in 2005.