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Ronald Abercrombie

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1958


Johns Hopkins University

Abercrombie was educated at the public schools in Baltimore and entered Johns Hopkins University in the fall of 1897 after graduating from the Baltimore City College. He earned his AB degree from Johns Hopkins in 1901 and his M.D. degree in 1905. The first lacrosse game he ever played in was in 1896, between the Maryland Athletic Club and the Crescent Athletic Club.

As a freshman at Hopkins in 1898, he played on the school's second championship team. He then served as captain on the championship teams in 1899 and 1900, and he also played on the 1902 championship team coached by William Schmeisser.

Abercrombie was known throughout his career as one of the greatest centers of all-time, and was especially noted for his face-off ability. In addition to being both a coach and player at Hopkins, Abercrombie organized the first Mt. Washington team in 1904. He wrote the first illustrated article on how to play lacrosse, published in 1904 by the B. Appleton Company. He also edited Schmeisser's book entitled "How to Play Lacrosse."

Abercrombie was also instrumental in introducing lacrosse at the Naval Academy. Abercrombie is credited with two other innovations in the game - the lacrosse net and the shorter handled stick used by attackmen. Additionally, he was the first chairman of the National Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association, served as its president for two years, and was responsible for the revision of the rules in 1901.

Dr. Abercrombie's records in medicine in the different hospitals in Baltimore, both as a teacher and as a physician, are legendary. His lacrosse accomplishments on and off the field were perhaps even greater. Dr. Abercrombie is a member of the all-time Johns Hopkins team. Dr. Abercrombie passed away in 1963.