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Sifford Pearre

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1977


Johns Hopkins University

Sifford Pearre was born in Baltimore on July 14, 1884. He attended Boys' Latin School and graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1905. He played varsity lacrosse at Hopkins and was a defenseman on the 1904 championship team. For eight years he played for the Mount Washington team. He is a member of the All-Time Team at Hopkins and of the Mount Washington All-Time team. He was also captain of the Hopkins football team of 1905. 

After his years of playing lacrosse, Pearre became interested in individual sports and his love of the outdoors showed itself in many ways. He was a well-known shot in upland game shooting as well as waterfowl, and he was an ardent fisherman. Because of his love of these sports he became a true conservationist and worked hard to preserve the fields and waterways of Maryland and wildlife. Well-known on the Chesapeake Bay as a sailor, he helped introduce the first class of sailboats at Gibson Island -- the start of racing there, and later introduced and sailed the star class boats. For many years he fox-hunted with the Greenspring Pack, and he played in the first polo game in the state of Maryland. He was a better than average tennis player. 

Pearre was a founder of the Gibson Island Club and Land Company (and once its president), a member of the Elkridge Kennels, a member of the Merchants Club (and once its president), a member of the Green Spring Hunt, and a member of the Chester (Nova Scotia) Yacht Club. He was also a lieutenant in the United States Navy in World War I and was vice-president of the Equitable Trust Company. Sifford Pearre passed away in 1973.