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William H. Moore

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1961


Johns Hopkins University

William "Dinty" Moore was born in Baltimore in 1900 and attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, graduating in 1919. He went to Johns Hopkins University, graduating in 1923 with an BA degree. He was later awarded an Honorary D.Sc. Degree from Curry College in Boston in 1940.

While in college, Dinty played lacrosse until injured in 1922, but later played for the L'Hirondelle Lacrosse Club from 1924-28 and captained the championship club team in 1928. Also played in the Sunday Lacrosse League in 1929 and 1930.

After graduating from Hopkins, Dinty joined the staff of the Baltimore American Newspaper and then became the provost of Johns Hopkins University from 1924-26. He was assistant president of St. John's College from 1926-28; co-headmaster of the Marston's School, 1928-29; president of the Maryland College for Women, 1928-52, and in 1952 became the director of the College Manor Geriatric Institution.

Dinty's lacrosse coaching experience was quite varied and extremely successful. He coached for 32 years, first at St. John's College from 1927-35, and then at the U.S. Naval Academy from 1936-58. His teams won 232 games and lost only 57. He had 8 undefeated teams - '29-'31-'35-'38-'45-'46-'49-'54, and two additional national championship teams in 1930 and 1943. At the time, this was the greatest number of championships ever won by one single coach.

Representing the U.S. in 1931, Dinty coached St. John's College to a series win over Canada. He coached an All-American team in 1936 which toured Western Canada. He coached the South All-Star team to a 14-14 tie in 1946 and a 13-11 win in 1949. Dinty wrote quite a few articles on lacrosse and was the founder of the Lacrosse Newsletter and published it for three years. Some of his other articles were published in Menke's Sport Guide, the Navy Manual, the Christian Science Monitor, and two pamphlets called "Lacrosse Techniques" and "How to Play Lacrosse" and from 1937 through 1946, he had many articles in the Lacrosse Guide.

His committee record with the USILA and the ISLCA consists of the following: Executive Committee of the USILA in 1940-46, 1959-60; vice-president of the USLCA the first year it was organized; president the second year, and a member of the executive committee every year through 1958; member of the All-American Committee from 1938 to 1949, and again in 1960; chairman of the All-American Committee, 1961-1962; member of the Development Committee for nine years; member of the All-American Reunion Committee in 1958; Promotion Committee Chairman, 1936-38; Guide Committee, 1938-41; Rules Committee - 1940, 1943-46 and 1956-58; chairman of the Archives Committee in 1954; and chairman of the committee which established the Turnbull Trophy. The Moore Trophy was awarded to the winner of one of the divisions of the USILA. In 1961, he had a chair dedicated in the Navy Marine Memorial Stadium and was awarded a plaque from the American Legion (Markland Kelly Post) in 1962. In 1961, Dinty founded the Lacrosse Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc., and was elected its first president. He held this position for ten years. The Lacrosse Foundation was the forerunner of US Lacrosse.

Dinty Moore passed away in 1987.