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William K. Morrill

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1962


Johns Hopkins University

Morrill was born in Baltimore in 1903 and attended Baltimore City College, graduating in 1921. He attended Johns Hopkins University, receiving a BA degree in 1925, MA degree in 1927, and a PhD in 1929. Kelso became an associate professor of mathematics in 1950 and was appointed to be dean of students in 1959 - a position he held until his retirement in 1967.

At Hopkins, he won four letters in lacrosse. The 1925 team won the silver medal and the 1926 and 1927 teams were both national champions. After finishing his college career, he played for the Mt. Washington Club and the Baltimore Olympic Club, and started his coaching career at the old Marstons School. He also coached at Park School and Towson High School before becoming affiliated with the coaching staff at Johns Hopkins. The 1932, 1933, 1934, 1941 and 1950 teams were national champions.

Kelso was one of the most active members of the USILA in the history of the association. He coached for 25 years, officiated for 10 years, and served as president of the Southern Lacrosse Officials Association for one year. He also served as chairman of the following USILA committees: All-American Committee, 1956-58; Coach of the Year Committee, 1960-81; Championship Committee, 1960-62; Film Committee. He was a member of the executive board of the USILA and also a member of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame Foundation. He served on the Rules Committee on several occasions.

At the time of his death, Kelso was chairman of the Championship Awards Committee, a position that he had held since 1960. He coached several all-star prep school teams and served as head coach of the North-South Game. Kelso directed two educational films, "How to Play Lacrosse", and "Fouls of Lacrosse." He participated in making "File 7," a television picture on Hopkins lacrosse. In 1953 he received the trophy awarded to the man who had done the most for lacrosse. He also received the Kelly Post Award for the Baltimore Citizen who has contributed a great deal to lacrosse over the years. He is the author of a book called "Lacrosse", which was published by the Barnes Company in 1951.

Kelso Morrill passed away in 1968.